Nvidia’s Eye Contact Feature: Improving Streaming Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia’s Broadcast streaming software was upgraded to version 1.4, offering a few new features, the most noteworthy of which is the Eye Contact function. This function assures that the user is constantly looking at the camera, even when they are not. 

The neural network analyses the picture such that the user on the screen seems to be staring straight into the eyes of the person with whom they are conversing. According to Nvidia, “simulated eyes” will be the same colour as actual ones and can blink naturally. If the streamer looks away too much and Eye Contact is overwhelmed, the function will switch off so that the person on the screen does not appear utterly weird.

Nvidia believes that the new functionality will be especially useful for people who wish to stream while reading their notes or script or who just want to avoid eye contact for some reason. The company notes that Eye Contact is currently in testing mode, so picture processing may not always be perfect. There are millions of eye colour and lighting combinations, all of which influence how Eye Contact works, so users may test and develop the new function.

The Verge published a video explaining how the new functionality in Nvidia Broadcast works by combining two images: one with Eye Contact turned off, and one with it switched on. The function needs to be enhanced; however, it does work very well in some places. This functionality is not restricted to Eye Contact; Nvidia Broadcast 1.4 also has a vignette effect and better options for blurring, replacing, or deleting backdrops. The upgraded application will only function properly on PCs equipped with Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards.

Nvidia’s Eye Contact feature is a terrific tool for streamers who want to verify that their audience is looking at them directly; however, the technology is not yet complete. The company is still improving its function. With technological improvements, we may anticipate more features like this soon.

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