Nvidia Releases Open-Source Physics Engine PhysX 5

Nvidia announced that it had open-sourced its PhysX 5 physics simulation engine, allowing developers to access the development toolset via GitHub to build various physics simulation applications.

PhysX 5 uses the same open-source licensing model as PhysX 4, with enhanced physics collision detection and custom geometry, allowing developers to use its physics engine to create robots, autonomous vehicles, self-driving scene simulations, and more, just like games, movies, and anime content.

Additionally, Nvidia has incorporated the Flow library for fluid simulations, the Blast library for explosion simulations, and the Flex library for particle simulations into PhysX 5, making it easier for developers to simulate the dynamics of liquids, cloth, and gases. to create

In the past, the physics engine PhysX was mainly used for game content. Still, it has become an important engine design for physics simulation at Nvidia, is used for larger physics simulation applications, and continues to be expanded by open-source.

Powered by Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) file format, PhysX 5 allows developers to easily add physics to various 3D models to create more realistic physics interactions.

This release of the PhysX SDK is closely related to USD Physics, which Nvidia co-developed with Pixar to describe the physics of a scene. The idea is to make things simpler to incorporate physics into scenes, and the SDK’s open-sourcing will hasten the integration of simulation behaviour into more creative tools.

Also, advanced demos are no longer bundled with the SDK. A demo is available on Nvidia On-Demand’s Nvidia Omniverse, and you can download it to experience what’s possible with PhysX. Nvidia has invested in creating the best possible physics toolset for Omniverse and will continue to evolve and improve it.

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