RTX Video Super Resolution

During the CES 2023 GeForce Beyond stream, NVIDIA announced a new technology called RTX Video Super Resolution. This feature uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of videos viewed in Chrome and Edge browsers by removing blocky compression artefacts and upscaling the video resolution.

This will allow users with GeForce RTX 4000 and 3000 series graphics processing units (GPUs) to view online content in its native resolution on high-resolution displays with improved sharpness and clarity.

One potential benefit of RTX Video Super Resolution is for users of Netflix on their PCs. Netflix offers different image quality options depending on the subscription plan. Even those on the basic plan (720p output) can enjoy image quality close to 4K using this technology on Chrome. This could be a cost-saving option for users who would otherwise have to pay for the more expensive Ultra HD streaming tier to access the higher-quality video.

In addition to RTX Video Super Resolution, NVIDIA also announced updates to its Studio software suite. The Broadcast app has added new eye contact and vignette features in version 1.4. The eye contact feature allows it to appear as though the person on screen is looking directly at the camera, while the vignette feature is a background effect that combines with background blur to simulate a bokeh effect.

Overall, the introduction of RTX Video Super Resolution and updates to the Studio software suite demonstrate NVIDIA’s commitment to improving the video viewing experience for its users. With AI and GPU technology, users can enjoy higher-quality video content without needing expensive subscription plans or hardware upgrades.

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