This open-source project saved over 36,000 Flash games for the future generation

The Flash content on the web is in the midst of apocalypse as Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Of course, decommissioning Flash is inevitable as it is going to solve and improve a lot of security problems on the Web.

In fact, Flash allows web developers to incorporate animations and interactive content into their websites. So the death of Flash is going to dig the grave of a lot of fun content too — like Flash games and animations.

But open source community comes up with a new piece of tool to save these fun games for future generations. An open source project called, Flashpoint — trying to preserve Flash content by collecting as many games and animations from these platforms as possible for offline use, so that they aren’t lost to time.

Till now, flashpoint has been saved over 36,000 Flash games and 2,300 animations that users can download for free. And with the help of an easy-to-use launcher, you can play a ton of Flash games and animations offline. Flashpoint launcher doesn’t support anything but Windows just yet. You can either download the Games as you play them or download the full package of size 288GB with 36,000 games.

As the games will be available for offline use but the Flash games need a proper server to run — Flashpoint uses a combination of three tech programs working in parallel – a web server, a redirector, and a launcher in order to pretend to be the internet.

According to Flashpoint developers, some games in the catalog is probably copyrighted and do state that games might be removed if their owners request it.

Flashpoint is going to be the archive of the Flash contents when Adobe and web browsers will be fully removing Flash support from the Web. 

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