Oversharing on social media

It is typical of us sharing some details of our personal life too much on social media — like mother’s maiden name or pet’s picture with its name — seemingly harmless details though.

But according to Etay Maor, an executive security advisor at IBM Security recommends you not to overshare such details on social media as oversharing personal information details on social media is one of the critical security mistake people often make online unknowingly.

Now you think, how could it possibly harm you!

Maybe you know how to protect your online accounts, maybe you already safeguard with a strong password or maybe you are aware to defend all possible hacking attacks that may compromise your accounts. But still oversharing on social media is kinda security loophole that will bite you back one day.

According to Etay Maor, like you are not sharing sensitive personal data like phone numbers, credit card number, and address, you should also consider not to share other personal details like pet’s name or mothers’ maiden name as such details are often used as answers to two-step verification and cybercriminals can easily found them just by scanning your Facebook page or other social media profiles.

“Today, people are writing about everything. They’re putting everything online, and then they get mad at you if you don’t read it,” says Maor.

Etay Maor also suggests you think twice while when it comes to the companies and organizations asking for your personal information.

So next time be selective about the information you share online and remember that you don’t have to share every little thing that you do in your life on social media.

Bhasker Dev
Bhasker is our SEO Analyst and manages whole promotion. He is responsible for our website's visibility in all online social platform and search engines. He is also a freelance content creator who posts articles related to cybersecurity.


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