Pinterest Announces Multi-Year Ads Partnership with Amazon

Pinterest and Amazon announced a new partnership to bring third-party ad demand to the platform. The multi-year agreement intends to provide marketers access to Pinterest’s engaged and active audience while allowing them to target their advertisements better using Amazon’s extensive ad tech and analytics capabilities.

This collaboration, according to Pinterest, would “increase overall demand for advertising on the Pinterest platform, improving the value of ad inventory, and ultimately increasing revenue for both companies.” Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) will be linked with Pinterest’s Ads Manager, allowing advertisers access to Amazon’s audience data and remarketing capabilities.

The partnership also includes plans for Amazon to offer ad inventory on Pinterest’s platform, to expand Pinterest’s ad business overall. The move comes as Pinterest aims to extend its advertising capabilities and user base while Amazon seeks to diversify its ad income streams even more.

The partnership expands on Pinterest’s previous attempts to strengthen its advertising capabilities, such as the recent launch of its Ads Manager platform, which lets businesses of all sizes to develop, manage, and assess their Pinterest campaigns. It also comes as Amazon’s advertising business continues to expand, with the firm recently topping $20 billion in ad revenue for the first time.

As Pinterest and Amazon battle for ad revenue with other digital advertising behemoths like Facebook and Google, this partnership might provide both firms with a considerable edge. Advertisers may soon find even more value in advertising on these platforms, thanks to Pinterest’s engaged and active user base and Amazon’s sophisticated ad tech and analytics capabilities.

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