11 Best Text to Speech Software

Things have changed. Whereas text to speech was primarily used for those with problems of sight, more and more able-bodied users are adopting it because of its ability to be used in a multitude of ways. In this guide, we will go into a handful of text to speech software that is truly exceptional and the best to use.

1. Notevibes:


  • Retain sound files in a few format options.
  • Legal to use for commercial reasons
  • Comprehensive natural voice simulator
  • A variety of settings for altering the voice to make it more natural/appropriate.

For those that need their texts read aloud in a more natural voice but aren’t fond of their own, or, are disabled, there are few texts to speech readers better than this. With an abundance of options for both voice settings and a not bad starting price (free), you have all the time in the world to opt for the higher-level packages after testing the waters.

The free version of Notevibes gives you over 200 characters worth of text that can be converted, whereas the commercial packages can go up to a million characters worth. Its flexibility in use is what makes it so widely used regardless of what the intention is, business or persona;.

2. Naturaltts:


  • Download files in mp3 format.
  • Available for Personal and Commercial use 
  • Fast and realistic text to speech converter
  • SSML advanced editors – allows modifying a speech

People who are searching for the services that will provide the best quality of turning text into high-realistic speech, the Naturaltts would become the best choice. Naturaltts allows user to try the service for free before buying, simply by creating a free subscription account that will give the customer an opportunity to deeply test this service before buying.

Naturaltts is a great solution for the users who one their blogs or professional YouTube bloggers. With this service, both of these categories can save their money, because text to speech service is much more affordable than hiring a professional voiceover artist.

3. Natural Readers:


  • Mobile option makes it easy to use when in transit.
  • You can select each word to be pronounced how you like.
  • Can scan and read entire documents on the internet.
  • High-quality voicing module.

If the former didn’t quite fit right, then Natural Readers is another exceptional option. With greater control over the actual pronunciation elements, you or whomever the recording is for can get the right sound you want when documents or text are being processed. It’s a great option for products that require a voice recording.

OCR tech is another selling point. It can take text from images and other scanned sources and readily identify the characters. It then can read it which is useful for those developing their reading skills in a variety of languages.

4. TTS Reader


  • Holds your place in the text in the event of a disruption.
  • Can play the speech file at variant speeds.
  • Can convert speech audio into a few file types.
  • Can handle most forms of media.
  • Works with most mobile and desktop systems.

The next one up is the TTS Reader. It’s an app that is free of charge and is perfectly suited towards anyone that needs a variety of choices in their types of voice style. They work for more than a handful of languages and are easy to integrate.

The learning curve is low, so it is usable by anyone with even a moderate amount of tech-savvy. Its also suited for anyone that wants to bolster their reading comprehension by hearing how thing should be read fluidly.

It’s as simple as putting text into their designated area and the system immediately processes it delivering you a smooth playback. Best of all, you can save it for later if needed.

5. From Text To Speech


  • More than fifty thousand characters permitted.
  • 5+ Languages Offered
  • Top tier playback recordings.
  • An assortment of vocal options.
  • An easy to use the setup for anyone.

If the other options were a bit too complex with too many options involved, this is the perfect solution for you. The beauty of this particular app is that it allows you to just use it via its input box and within seconds you have exactly what you were looking for.

Best of all, it plays however you like it with just enough options to make it stand out without being overloaded.

When it comes to the smoothest playback, this stands out in particular. You can make adjustments as you like to make sure its hitting that feel that you are looking for.

6. Text 2 Speech


  • A few thousand characters to use.
  • As simple as can be to use.
  • A few voice options.
  • Can save your audio.
  • Is good for anyone that wants to develop their reading capability.

The simplest choice on the list, what it loses in the diversity of options it makes up for in terms of ease of use. Like many others on this list, it is free, but the best part is that it takes up far less space than other options for those that are storage conscious.

7. iSpeech


  • Almost 30 voice options to choose from
  • Can play at a few different speeds.
  • More than 9 languages available to choose from.
  • Can choose between two sound file export options.

Lauded as the premier option for anyone attempting to learn another language, iSpeech is an excellent tool for converting text into audio files.

It’s as simple as picking what text you want to be converted to voice and then putting it in their user input area. It quickly converts it and plays in whatever selected language and speeds you have chosen.

The reason why the reading speed is important in this case is because it lets those that haven’t trained their ear yet to study it at their own pace. Whether fast, slow, or medium speed, it can handle all three.

8. Oddcast


  • Dozens of languages to choose from.
  • API Setup For Coders Ready To Dive In
  • Can alter various elements of the audio recording based on settings.

Another great text to speech editor focused on language learning, the Oddcast works well by working on language comprehension via sound. With more emotional range than most text to speech editors, the naturalness of the recordings is far more powerful compared to other text to speech software options.

9. TTS Demo


  • Almost a dozen languages to choose from
  • Sound editor is fluid and easy to use.
  • Almost a dozen voice options
  • Best for short sentences rather than larger pieces

This one is similar to other options but has a more robotic voice compared to other more natural options. It’s good for feedback when writing so that you can hear how your text sounds once played back.

10. Readspeaker


  • Almost two dozen language options
  • Low character limit
  • Up to 80 voice options

Readerspeaker has a lower character limit but is good because of its fluid voice options. You can choose from a far wider array of languages and voice options than normal, making it a worthy inclusion to the list.

11. TTS MP3


  • High character limit
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • MP3 Export option for saving audio files

The final inclusion on our list is another beginner-friendly option. It takes minutes to learn to use but it gets the job done as well as many of the others on this list. You simply put your text into the input box and you will be on your way to an mp3, quality recording of whatever sentences you want to be read out loud. The best part is that it is completely web-based so you don’t need to download it.

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