Samsung Plans To Start Making Chips Using 2nm Process By 2025 And 1.4nm Process By 2027

At the Samsung Foundry Forum 2022, the contract manufacturer defined its ambitious goals up to the year 2027. Accordingly, the 2nm production at Samsung is still planned for 2025, with 1.4m to follow two years later. But Samsung also has an eye on capacity expansion and stacking.

If you don’t know, the number of nanometers refers to the size of each individual transistor on a chip. The smaller the transistor, the more it can fit on a single semiconductor. Generally, downsizing in nanometers can lead to more powerful and efficient chips.

So far, it is too early to talk about the density of transistors, performance and power consumption of microcircuits that will be produced according to 1.4 nm standards. But Samsung is not the only company that wants to start mass production at 1.4nm. 

Currently, TSMC is also building a 3nm factory. The company announced that production of 2nm processors will begin in 2025. Moreover, a few months ago they formed a team to work on the 1.4nm process technology. 

Samsung began mass production of 3nm chips in June. Now the company is negotiating with potential customers on cooperation in the 3-nanometer technology segment. These customers include Qualcomm, Tesla and AMD.

Samsung is the world’s second-largest foundry by revenue, with a market share of 17.3% compared to TSMC’s 52.9%.

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