How a Simple Bug Speedup File Explorer in Windows 11

You know how Windows 11’s File Explorer can be a bit sluggish? Well, a Twitter user by the name of Vivy has stumbled upon a quirky bug that turns this snail into a cheetah.

By merely toggling the File Explorer to full-screen mode with the F11 key and then exiting it, the File Explorer’s performance skyrockets. We’re talking instant folder loading and thumbnail previews.

This isn’t just one person’s claim; the Reddit community has been buzzing about it. One user even reported that a folder with over 1,800 subfolders and 25,000 files opened instantly.

While the exact reason for this speed boost remains a mystery, some speculate that toggling full-screen mode may disable certain file indexing parameters. This could be the secret sauce that makes folder content load at lightning speed.

This bug brings back memories of Windows 7’s File Explorer, which was known for its snappy performance. It’s like a blast from the past, but in a good way. The bug works across all builds of Windows 11, from the Canary Insider versions to the original Windows 21H2.

However, this raises a couple of intriguing questions. Why isn’t this level of performance the default setting in Windows 11? After all, the OS was touted to surpass its predecessors in terms of speed.

While this bug is a boon for those struggling with File Explorer’s sluggishness, it also highlights the untapped potential of Windows 11. If a simple bug can supercharge File Explorer, imagine what fine-tuning could do for the entire operating system.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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