Understanding the Software Technology Behind a Route Planner

Let’s say you have a business that involves deliveries, logistics, or a supply chain. Then the key factor for the success of your business will be the timely delivery of goods or services to the customers. And it is only achievable through proper route planning.

In order to maximize distribution and driver performance, many businesses prefer route planning software. This software helps to automate the process of planning manual routes for deliveries. Moreover, the driver has to simply import an excel file to quickly get an optimized route for delivery. 

So let us start with what route planning software is.

What is Route Planner Software?

The route planner software is an advanced tool used to plan routes for delivery drivers. It decreases planning time and costs involved in vehicle and distribution, reduces fuel usage, and saves drivers time.

The distribution operation is simplified with multiple deliveries to different geographical locations. With the software, the drivers can also schedule or prioritize delivery. 

The route planning systems also optimize the routes based on real-time traffic situations. Optimized routes help to find the shortest route for delivery hence increasing the driver’s productivity. 

Route planner tools can do more effective and quick route planning compared to human planners. The software uses algorithms and other technologies such as machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence to plan the routes. 

What is the Science Behind Effective Route Planning Software?

The route planning software works based on programming and a set of complex algorithms.

The delivery route planning and optimization software is a SaaS (software as a service) solution. It means you do not purchase a copy of the software but pay a subscription fee to the provider for using it. You can also use the software from any location and via any device as it works using cloud computing. 

Route planning software has two main components:

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is the central control panel to perform most of the delivery work. It includes a map, menu, optimized button, routes, and schedules. Some of the benefits of driver management software (dashboard) are:

  • Automates route planning and optimization
  • Full access to driver’s activities
  • Enables delivery scheduling
  • Raises cost-effectiveness
  • Increases efficiency of delivery vehicles

2. A Driver app

Drivers have access to vital information like routes, schedules, and stop locations through the driver app. It includes navigation, built-in chat, and electronic proof of delivery. Some of the benefits of the driver’s app are:

  • Enables smart dispatch
  • Less stress on drivers
  • Easier to find customers
  • Raises quality customer service
  • Boost driver’s confidence

How Much Does Route Planning Software Cost?

The cost of route planning software will depend on several factors such as the provider you choose, the length of the contract, how you want to be billed, and some other factors. 

However, the price you end up paying will depend on your delivery operations. 

Advantages of Route Planner Software:

1. Faster route planning 

Creating manual routes through GPS is time-consuming. However, the route planning software works on algorithms to speed up the route planning.

The main purpose of route planning is to find a route that is both practical and fast. The route planning software saves time and speeds up the process of planning routes. 

It helps to prioritize important deliveries and save driving time. Some route planners link with mapping tools to provide up-to-date data based on traffic conditions. It increases efficiency by skipping hurdles like traffic jams. 

As per reports, the software can reduce route planning time by up to 20%.

2. Reduce operational costs

Route planning software can help to reduce expenses in various ways:

  • Optimized routes imply the vehicle needs to travel a shorter distance thus reducing the maintenance costs. 
  • The efficient routes help to complete more work with few vehicles. 
  • Fewer delivery vehicles would consume less fuel and the fuel costs can be minimized.  
  • Few vehicles on road mean it would require fewer drivers thus reducing the labor cost. 

Hence, the reduced operational and overhead costs will help you make more money at the end of the day. 

3. Increase driver productivity

The route planning software automatically assigns vehicles and drivers for delivery. The driver with the right skill ensures that the vehicle is utilized properly for completing more deliveries. It means each trip is optimized in terms of vehicle utilization and driver productivity. 

Thus, having route planning software will always help you to ease your delivery operations and also increase productivity.

4. Better customer experience 

Better routes ensure that you reach the customers faster and are not late for the deliveries. Saving time, and money and scaling your business is always a good idea. But, the success of your business will depend on your ability to adapt to customer’s demands and meet customer expectations. 

The features like electronic proof of delivery and customer notifications help you to assure that the customer delivery is satisfactory. 

Electronic proof of delivery involves taking a photo of the delivered package or a digital signature. It acts as proof against any type of customer complaint. 

Customers would appreciate transparency and peace of mind when it comes to the delivery of their packages. Getting notifications about package arrival time, and expected delivery time will assure the customers.

All these benefits will make deliveries streamlined and less stressful resulting in less time wastage and greater efficiency. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to stay ahead in the competitive market and improve your day-to-day deliveries then route planner software is the right thing. 

Optimizing routes helps to save time, hassle, and money. Extra features like making deliveries on time and customer notifications are great ways to keep customers happy. 

The route planning software has the potential to boost the company’s growth and retain more customers in the longer run. The best results can be implemented with the proper usage of software to meet operational expectations. 

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