SpaceX Hits the Super Bowl With An Impressive Inspiration4 Announcement

SpaceX has taken advantage of the Super Bowl to launch an impressive announcement about its Inspiration4 mission, in which it will take civilians into space in its Crew Dragon capsule.

The Super Bowl ad, titled “Join The First All-Civilian Space Mission | Inspiration4,” speaks of SpaceX’s intention to take civilian tourists to space for the first time on a charity mission.

Just 30 seconds of announcement give us to understand the intentions of SpaceX. According to the announcement, the Inspiration4 mission may take place this year. There is also a web page available to users to get more information about the mission.

SpaceX has not given too many laps with this announcement. Explain the basics; that Inspiration 4 will allow civilians to go into space and that they would have all the information available on the web.

Going to the Inspiration4 website, we see information about the mission, contact, and so on. SpaceX explains that the mission will have four seats “representing the pillars of the mission: Leadership, Hope, Generosity, and ProsperityYou have a once in a lifetime opportunity to join this flight into space by securing either the Generosity seat or the Prosperity seat.”

As a contest, the user has two options — either by taking your business to the Shift4Shop platform paying for a fee or by donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The minimum is $ 10, and donation will give the United States residents the opportunity to occupy one of the four Inspiration4 seats.

And we know that Inspiration4 is a charitable mission. Directed by Jared Isaacman, its goal is to raise at least $200 million for the institution. Isaacman himself, a trained pilot and technology entrepreneur, donated $100 million and will be one of 4 crew members who will embark on a 5-day journey into space aboard the Crew Dragon that made history in 2020.

The announcement places the date of the mission at the end of the year, as had been speculated. If SpaceX’s promises are kept, and the pandemic does not make a dent in the mission, it will launch on SpaceX’s launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Dragon Crew will be powered by the Falcon 9 rocket. Recently, SpaceX has achieved a new record by launching Falcon 9 rocket with 143 satellites with a total weight of about 5,000 kg.

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