Start Chatting With Yourself On WhatsApp

After the first tests in the beta version, yet another important feature also arrives on the Meta messaging app. WhatsApp has introduced the “Message Yourself” option in the stable version.

WhatsApp explains in its statement that this new feature allows you to track your own tasks and expenses or even make a shopping list. That is to say, sending text messages or even multimedia content will serve so that this chat with oneself can be used in thousands of ways to achieve an experience similar to what Telegram has always had. 

Self-messaging works great as a reminder, for taking quick notes on the go, or as a personal archive of information, media, and web page links. It is a real chat present in the list of conversations on WhatsApp.

How to WhatsApp a Message to Yourself

  • Click on the new chat icon at the bottom right
  • At the top of the contact list, you will see your name or number; tap on it
  • A new chat window will open with you, now start chatting with yourself.

In this way, your name will also appear in the chat list — it is also possible to pin that chat to the top so that it is always available at all times.

The feature is currently released for all users. Ensure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone (Android & iOS).

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