Valve Permanently Banned Over 40,000 Cheating Accounts In DOTA 2

Valve, the creator of the popular game Dota 2, has successfully permanently banned over 40,000 cheating accounts by releasing a special update. 

The update was specifically designed to identify the method that cheat programs use to gain access to hidden information intended only for the game client. The update contained data that was requested only by cheat programs, which allowed the developers to identify such accounts and block them.

Valve has warned that all players found to be using third-party cheating software will be permanently banned, including professional players who may be banned from participating in company-sponsored tournaments. The company cited this situation as an example to warn other players who may be tempted to use such software. In addition, Valve thanked the users who helped them in this confrontation with the attackers.

Usually, the fight against cheaters is carried out behind the scenes, but this case was decided to be made public so that it could become an example for all community members. The company’s actions show its commitment to ensuring fair gameplay and maintaining the integrity of the game. It also serves as a warning to all players that cheating will not be tolerated and that there will be consequences for those who try to cheat the system.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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