What apps can help you create your interior design?

Nowadays, technology can be quite useful on a daily basis, especially when talking about visualizing the new interior of one’s house or flat before it is already finished (or even started). What human invention can help with that? The numerous apps for smartphones and tablets, which can help you with almost any side of an interior design project. 

Applications for decoration, redevelopment, measurement and modeling or decoration ideas: discover the apps that can change your life and keep you from making some awful mistakes.

MagicPlan: a measurement and modeling app

The first app we’d like to bring to your knowledge is MagicPlan. Whether you are looking to sell or buy real estate, remodel or even renovate, whatever you want to do and whatever your situation may be, this app will make your life easier.

With MagicPlan, all you have to do is take photos of your rooms, then, optionally, annotate the photos (to indicate doors, windows, cupboards, etc.). Once done, the application measures the room itself and draws the plan to scale, including your annotations! It’s almost like magic, being widely used to make plans, hence the name, no doubt. And how can one start thinking about interior design without a plan of the empty canvas

Autodesk Homestyler: a home decor app

With Autodesk Homestyler, you have to take a picture of your room and validate the measurements (which you would have previously obtained thanks to MagicPlan, of course). Then, you can start playing the role of the little interior decorator.

Connected to the catalogs of various online vendors, the app will let you choose paints, wallpapers, flooring and furniture to use in decorating the room, from scratch. That’s why we believe this is the ideal app for a major renovation.

Home Design 3D: a redevelopment app

Less practical and more complex to implement, Home Design 3D is much more complex if you want to carry out redevelopment tests BEFORE starting the construction or renovation work. With this application, you’d need no photos: you will enter dimensions to draw your plan in 2D then in 3D, before fitting it out.

You will then be able to navigate in your 3D plan and see what your different ideas look like. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the plans you prefer, depending on the layout you’d want.

Houzz: a decorating ideas app

Houzz gives one access to a gigantic database of decorating ideas – millions of photos of dressing rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. classified by room type, style and so on.

In short, with Houzz, you have an almost unlimited source of inspiration to make your choices and start your interior design plan!

Now, let’s talk less about the technical side of the project and more about inspo.

using phone

Pinterest – the ultimate app for inspiration

Without a doubt, this is the #1 application for all decoration enthusiasts! When one starts, they can never stop. 

Pinterest is a social network that works by sharing and “pinning” content between users. There, people share their decorative images, pieces of advice, reports on various topics, through inspiration boards. It’s up to you to pin the visuals that speak to you in your boards and reproduce all the noted advice at home!

Instagram – the app that knows all the actual decoration trends

A staple for years, the Instagram social network is the perfect application for getting inspired and even meeting decoration enthusiasts. Subscribe to inspiring accounts and actively follow the posts of your favorite architects, online second-hand dealers and other decoration brands. 

But beware! With Instagram, it is sometimes difficult to let go of the smartphone, because it is there that you’ll get struck by all the information on new decor and designer inspiration!

Kozikaza – an application for making house plans and 3D simulations

With Kozikaza, you can draw your house plan at the right dimensions like a real interior designer, add partitions, doors, windows, change the floor and even put furniture from your favorite decoration brands (like! The 3D view also allows you to walk around your house plan! If you do not know of Kozikaza, you will love it for your future decoration projects!

Pantone Studio – an app to find the perfect colors for your interior

This is the best app for color lovers! Needless to say, Pantone is the world reference in terms of colors, with its worldwide color chart of more than 3000 shades! With the Pantone studio app, you can, for example, capture a color from nature and edit it. 

The application also offers a harmonious palette to go with a shade of your choice – quite useful when you want to add color into your decoration and learn how to match the shades.

IKEA Place- an augmented reality app to visualize furniture at home

This application from IKEA allows one to visualize the furniture of the Swedish giant directly in their living room, with the help of augmented reality. 

It is hyper practical to genuinely realize the volumes of an item, but also to render a particular piece of furniture of the brand in its future decoration. For the moment, only certain products are visible in augmented reality, but this very practical service is 100% valid!


These basic tools are often lost in a folder called “unnecessary things” on your phone, but can be used during renovations! For example, all iPhones have a level.

In addition, all modern smartphones are equipped with a flashlight, which is extremely convenient when working in dark corners.


Of course, you can also call on an architect or interior designer to redefine your decor or interior design. Experienced professionals and up to date with trends, they know how to listen to their customers to create original interiors that resemble them. 

Still, remember that these apps are just a few of the hundreds of interfaces that can help you save some money. Whether it is for project planning, for design inspiration or to have a tool kit on hand, your smartphone or tablet can be a very useful tool in renovations!

Do not hesitate to share these apps with your friends and find out what they use for different designer, maintenance or renovation jobs.

And if you’re all into IT and app lifehacks, find out more about a cool photoshop trick just here !

Nethra Gupta
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