Why the protection of data is still an important thing for 2021?

In 2021, data protection has become one of the highest priorities in enterprise functioning. The recent SolarWinds hacking scandal showed that cybercriminals could use the source code of even such giants as Microsoft, which that previously deemed to be the most secure enterprise. No matter how hard Microsoft aimed at concealing it, the general public is aware of the consequences and suspects even more significant data losses than reported before. 

Therefore, modern IT enterprises should prioritize data protection to avoid unusual and potentially malicious activity6 found in their internal servers. This material aims at showing the significance of data security, its primary principles, and how it can be implemented in your IT company in 2021.

Major data security principles

Data security has several crucial principles that every enterprise should follow. According to TechTarget data laboratory, every enterprise should have a clear and concise structure of which particular data should be available and manageable to the employees. Thus, data security should have two significant walls that separate the highest-secrecy data from the generally available one.

Therefore, the data management block should comprise eData, archives, and backups. In its turn, the available data should be free for replication, disaster recovery and freely circulate between different business departments. While numerous experts state that data privacy is not equal to data security, innumerable ways of tackling cybercriminals are highly connected with making sensible data as less available as possible. The following strategies aimed at preserving data in case of its leakage or emergency protocol during the hacking attack:

1. Media failure prevention

In case the major becomes unavailable due to the hacking attack, synchronous mirroring comes into play. Mirror site thoroughly traces the same information from the website that occurred under attack. As a result, the mirror site serves as a data center and allows clients to access their accounts or transactions when the primary site is under closure. Additionally, mirror sites provide info access when the major site generates too much traffic.

2. Data corruption prevention

This principle is currently being discussed after the SolarWinds attack. Thus, Oracle and Microsoft have their clean server data copy for emergence cases. On the local level of smaller enterprises, this can be attributed to regular server backups to avoid data losses. The use of third-party software and cloud services can successfully solve this issue.

3. Storage data safety protocol

If data is stored on a single server it has higher loss chances. Therefore, data should be copied to more than a single storage to avoid complete segments’ loss. Snapshot replication is used in these cases to make secondary data storage available in case of more extensive system failures. Therefore, the care about data stability and availability fully complies with the principles of corporate security.

Why is data security important in 2021?


In 2021, data has become a major business asset. Many third-party companies are highly interested in gaining personal, sensitive, or even private data from regular users to target them with commercials, advertising, goods, or even fraudulent proposals. 

To avoid that, data security should start from the individual level and gradually expand to enterprise size. According to Forbes, creating a safety perimeter or a safe network is the first crucial step in making it possible. The following points will show why personal and sensitive data should never be compromised and how they should be protected:

1. Even the most innocent data can be sold

Therefore, even your messages should be encrypted and not be transferred without any internal protection. Networks in public places are the most illustrative example where your data can be intercepted and transferred to third-party individuals. There, such data can be sold, used for profit, or spy on you during your payment activities. As a result, identity theft and safety breaches are so frequent. That is why personal estimation of data sensibility and the necessity of its hiding remains a matter of choice. 

Privacy issues should be watched over as installation consents, data removal and backup, 3rd-party management, policies, and DSARs. That is where personal privacy meets data security that gives way too much information about its owner to the users without authorized access.

2. Do not allow your data to be collected or sold elsewhere

Malware, such as computer trojans, ransomware, and tracking cookies, already causes millions of dollars of harm to both individuals and companies. You can find specific data security solutions to select from here to avoid personal data leaks and being spied on. Thus, the selection of credible antivirus software already solves a more significant part of security issues and prevents malicious software from gathering sensible data. 

Therefore, Norton antivirus has a 360-protection offer that includes a built-in VPN that conceals your IP even from your internet provider that is equally risky information to share. Therefore, form your expectation on privacy and its level. In particular, think about how personal data can disclose certain things about your work, business, or startup.

3. Make sure your company is HIPAA compliant

According to HIPAA, the company should never compromise your confidentiality, integrity, and reasonable personal safety in cyberspace. In your turn, you should comply with the boundaries or permissible and non-permissible data regulations such as data disclosures. If your enterprise steps over your privacy, and demands sensible data, do not comply with unethical provisions.


Apparently, the matter of data security will remain crucial in 2021. No matter how refined the computer software and firewalls become, they cannot take full control over every vulnerability out networks have. Therefore, the blending of personal responsibility with data prioritizing can help not only your domestic network but also your enterprise.

Creating a secure internal network is the key to success in this complicated matter as data and media failure frequently occur from cyberattacks. The recent attack on Microsoft further proves the very idea of how fragile our cyberspace still is and how we should take partial responsibility for its maintenance into our own hands. 

Bhasker Das
Bhasker Das
Bhasker Das, with a master's in Cybersecurity, is a seasoned editor focusing on online security, privacy, and protection. When not decrypting the complexities of the cyber world, Anu indulges in his passion for chess, seeing parallels in strategy and foresight.


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