Windows 11 Insider Patch Fixes Problems With The L3 Cache Of AMD Ryzen

Microsoft released the new Insider Preview Build 22000.282 of Windows 11 in the Beta Channel and Release Preview Channel and thus resolves problems with the L3 cache of AMD Ryzen, which could lead to significant performance drop in some applications and games when the new operating system was released.

According to the release notes of Windows 11 Build 22000.282, “We fixed an L3 caching issue that might affect performance in some applications on devices that have AMD Ryzen processors after upgrading to Windows 11 (original release).”

The L3 latency error is one of a couple of issues AMD identified with Windows 11 earlier this month. The other Windows 11 issue identified by AMD, which may prevent high-core, high-voltage Ryzen chips from correctly assigning work to the faster individual processor cores, will be addressed by an AMD driver update.

The Release Preview Insider channel is usually the last stop on a Windows update before public release. A post shared on Reddit suggests that the Windows update is scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 19, while the AMD driver update for the other issue should be released two days later, on October 21.

Other bugs addressed in the Windows 11 update include one that prevented some updaters from seeing the new taskbar or using the Start menu, a PowerShell bug that can fill a storage volume with “an infinite number of child directories” when you try moving a directory into its own child directory, and a host of issues that could cause crashes.

Avinash A
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