YouTube Go will be discontinued

YouTube Team has announced that YouTube Go will be discontinued this August because it has become an unnecessary app.

Google launched YouTube Go in 2016 as part of Android Go. At the time, it was meant for developing markets as a lighter alternative to the traditional video-sharing app for people who had low network connectivity or data rates beyond their reach.

One of the most obvious reasons is found in the continuous updates that the main YouTube app has received so that it works better in those countries where the quality of the connection is worse, or the devices do not reach the minimum standard for it to work.

So YouTube Go has simply ceased to be necessary in the scenarios for which it was created.

YouTube Go was deployed in 130 countries and initially, it was going to be a vital app for those countries with certain technical limitations. Users did not have the possibility to comment, publish and create content — integral parts of the user experience of the video-sharing platform.

Now it becomes another one of those apps that the great G withdraws from Google Play.


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