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Immortalis-G715: ARM Unveils Its First Mobile GPU With Hardware-Based Ray Tracing

ARM Immortalis
ARM has announced the Immortalis-G715 flagship mobile GPU. This is the first ARM graphics to support hardware-based accelerated ray tracing. The technology allows you to create...

Samsung Display Acquires German OLED Startup Cynora

Samsung Display Acquires OLED Startup Cynora
Samsung Display has bought the German startup Cynora for around 300 million US dollars. According to Bloomberg, the takeover has not yet been publicly announced —...

Which Technological Innovations Enable Online Safety and Security at Online Casinos

Online gaming world
When it comes to online casinos, player data protection is of the utmost importance. That’s why most, if not all, online casinos use encryption...

Google Is Shutting Down Hangouts Messenger This November

Google Is Shutting Down Hangouts
At the beginning of this year, the Google Hangouts messenger became unavailable to users of the Workspace collaboration service. Instead, they were asked to use...

What is a dedicated development team?

Business collaborations
First, it is important to understand that hiring a dedicated development team is a compromise that will not always be the best way to...

OpenAI Neural Network Learned To Play Minecraft From Videos

OpenAI Neural Network Learned To Play Minecraft
OpenAI researchers demonstrated a neural network that has learned to play Minecraft using only walkthrough videos. To train the neural network, engineers downloaded a huge database of...

How Edge Computing Will Transform 4 Major Industries

Security expert in natural habitat
Edge computing is the new breed of architecture that leverages internet-connected sensors and devices with an aim to collect, share, store data, and perform...

Netflix To Launch Cheaper Ad-Supported Subscription

Netflix to offer games
Netflix confirmed that it will have a cheaper subscription with ads. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, this could mean the arrival of a new...