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This Is What Logitech G And Tencent’s Gaming Handheld Looks Like

Logitech G And Tencent Gaming Handheld
Logitech and Tencent already confirmed in early August 2022 that the two companies are working on a gaming handheld for cloud gaming services. The...

Elbit Systems Bristol: The Future of Security

Cybersecurity in business
Elbit Systems Bristol is a leading security solutions company focused on providing innovative and affordable technology to businesses of all sizes. They offer a...

Pine64 Star64: RISC-V Alternative To The Raspberry Pi Single-Board PC

Pine64 Star64
Pine64 — known for the Linux smartphones PinePhone — is also presenting the Star64, a single-board computer in Raspberry Pi format based on the open RISC-V instruction set...

AMD Has Introduced Ryzen 7000 Based On Zen 4

AMD Ryzen 7000
AMD has introduced the Ryzen 7000, aka Raphael, based on Zen 4 architecture and 5-nanometer manufacturing technology, along with the new AM5 socket platforms....

12 Powerful websites that can replace your desktop software in 2022

Powerful websites
Why you have to install some crappy piece of software to do tasks like file conversion, photo editing or for graphics designing, etc. when...

Apple Intends To Register Several Trademarks With The Word ‘Reality’ For...

Apple AR Headset
Apple plans to register several trademarks with the word 'Reality' — Reality One, Reality Pro, and Reality Processor through fronts that could be used...

First steps into the cryptocurrency dice gaming

bitcoin nft crypto
Those who first begin experimenting with cryptocurrency dice gaming will find that there are different sorts of sights, some of which offer what is...

Google Chrome Will No Longer Let You Use Ad Blockers

Google Chrome Will block Ad Blockers
Ad blockers, web browser extensions that block ads, are very popular, but the internet is largely based on advertising, and Google seems to want...