9 Alternatives to Glassagram Instagram Viewer App

Are there any Instagram profiles you want to monitor without anyone knowing it? Glassagram is one of the best anonymous Instagram viewing tools that can show you all the available activity on this social media platform, like posts, photos, likes, stories, and many more.

But, if you are looking for decent private Insta viewer alternatives, here you are – nine alternatives to the Glassagram Instagram story viewer. Keep reading our article to learn more!

Glassagram – The Best Instagram Viewer

The Glassagram Instagram viewer offers users a wide range of Instagram monitoring opportunities. One of its main advantages is that with its help, you can track public and private accounts while remaining fully anonymous. It can be used on any operating system. Remember to ensure you’ve got a stable Internet connection, as Glassagram works online and doesn’t require installation. Unfortunately, it can’t track DM anymore because of this; it used to be installed on Android.

But you can still view all information of any profile as if you were its real follower. Thus, with Glassagram, you may watch Instagram stories as much as you want and view reels, comments, posts, likes, location tags, tagged photos, or hot likes. Moreover, it’s possible to check who follows your targeted profile and what its followers are. Unfortunately, there is no free version or demo. Still not convinced? Visit The Small Business Blog to find a detailed Glassagram review.

Glassagram Alternative Services

Down below, you will find some alternatives to the Glassagram Instagram profile viewer. Become acquainted with all of them.

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WatchInsta is a good Instagram profile viewer to choose as an alternative to Glassagram. It works on any device and does not require to download online viewer. It is possible to browse Instagram’s public and private accounts with its help or download media files, like reels, photos, or videos.

It does not allow monitoring direct messages and chats or seeing the targeted Instagram profile’s followers, stories, or tags. However, it’s free, performs some needed monitoring tasks, and is constantly improving.


eyeZy is one of the most advanced Instagram stories viewers, but not only that! You may monitor nearly all activity on a public or private account with eyeZy, like photos, videos, and even Instagram direct messages with time and date information.

Moreover, with the eyeZy Instagram tracker, one can monitor someone’s location on a map. It is also possible to see whether they’re seeing their Instagram friends they are telling you about.

However, this story viewer is not free. One should choose a suitable subscription plan first and then install the software. If you want to check the app before purchasing, see a free demo version on the official website.


Gwaa claims to be an Instagram online viewer that can view private photos, videos, posts, followings, and followers. However, the app does not work as it claims. When you go to the official website, you see a tab you should click to see private Instagram accounts. However, after you click that button, you are redirected twice to other web pages. Thus, Gwaa doesn’t give full access to any Instagram profile.

Considering that many of us expect such an app to be a reliable Instagram story viewer, you may be disappointed because it does not allow us to check stories, even though this Insta viewer claims it does.


PrivateInsta is another Instagram profile viewer that claims to be focused on accessing private accounts. At first sight, this online tool seems user-friendly and reliable. There is a dedicated search tab where you enter the required Instagram private account name. But, once you do it, the tool requires human verification. So you will need to input some of your data. There is no option to view Instagram stories anonymously or access posts or videos.


As you may guess from its name, InstaRipper is a tool that claims to be capable of hacking any Instagram account. It may be helpful if you want to restore access to your profile. The app’s creators do not encourage to use it for hacking into other people’s accounts without their knowledge. So, keep this in mind.

Also, the tool works on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Downloading InstaRipper is required.


When it comes to TheOneSpy, one thing you should know: it’s an advanced smartphone and computer monitoring software that works perfectly well as an Instagram viewer app. It accesses any Instagram activity in real-time, such as photos, videos, comments, or reels. Moreover, it can view stories and see the followers. But that’s not all. With TheOneSpy, one can even read chats and monitor shared multimedia files.

Additionally, the tool can view Instagram accounts on Android, Mac, or Windows devices. Multiple pricing plans for different needs and a live demo are available. So, learn more about the app’s interface and functions before deciding to download the Instagram viewing tool.


InstaSpy is a free private profile Instagram stories viewer which does not require installation. The tool is super easy to use. Just go to their website, click the “spy now” button, enter the correct Instagram username, and voile – you can watch Instagram stories anonymously or any Instagram video. View photos, comments, likes of a private account, and more.

Even though the InstaSpy is a safe and secure app, it sometimes has bugs. You may get across the request to verify the captcha to continue searching for a targeted profile, but no captcha appears.


Another alternative to Glassagram is the so-called PhoneSpector mobile tracking app dedicated to Android and iOS devices. It’s not an online Instagram story viewer. You download the tool on a targeted device and pay an activation fee once to start monitoring.

PhoneSpector does not require rooting or jailbreaking. Users witness multiple bugs in the app’s functioning regardless of the various monitoring features it offers. The customer service does not respond on time.


Istaprivate is the last alternative to the Galssagram stories viewer available online. The tool positions itself as a free private Instagram account viewer. With its help, you are supposed to access Instagram reels, view stories anonymously, and monitor photos and videos of a desired private profile. However, the app requires human verification, and many users might not like this step. They would like to keep their data safe and secure.


As you see, there are numerous alternative apps to watch Instagram of private users remaining anonymous. Not all of them do their job due to some bugs or additional verification requirements that not all users would like to fulfill.

However, some Instagram profile viewers mentioned in the article are reliable and functional apps. They may not be free, but if you want to use a multifunctional effective monitoring tool, you may need to pay for it.

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