Uncharted Creator Amy Hennig Is Working On A Star Wars Game

Uncharted creator Amy Henning will be working through her development studio Skydance New Media to make an “action-adventure” game based on the Star Wars Universe.

Skydance New Media and Lucasfilm Games announced the collaboration and stressed that the game would have a storyline based on an “original story”.

This isn’t the first time Amy Hennig has been involved in the development of a Star Wars game. However, the first experience didn’t end well. Hennig was involved in the development of Star Wars 1313, that Visceral Games title that stunned millions of fans with its first demo. Unfortunately, a series of obstacles, including creative differences, caused the game to be cancelled by EA. This also meant the closure of Visceral Games and the departure of the writer.

Now, five years after that departure, Amy Hennig once again has the opportunity to embark on an adventure in the Star Wars universe. This time, however, her project is fully backed by Lucasfilm.

Skydance New Media is currently creating several projects at once. Last October, it was announced that it was developing a narrative blockbuster adventure game under license from Marvel. It is assumed that it could be a game about Daredevil.

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