Android 11 Beta now available: check out new features and eligible devices

Google has released the first beta version of Android 11 for the public to download. The release comes after multiple delays, because of the #BlackLivesMatter protests and Coronavirus pandemic.

Google says the first Beta of Android 11 focused on three key themes — People, Controls, and Privacy. And the new Android 11 follows up the improvements and stability that Android 10 brought to the table. 

The new Android 11 comes with new user-friendly features, device control features, and improved privacy features.

Features of Android 11:

A lot of features in the public beta has refined and improved after getting feedback from developers who have been testing various versions of Android since February.



Making Android 11 more people-centric and expressive, Google added a new dedicated section called “Conversations” in the notification shade where notifications from chat apps like WhatsApp, Android Messages, Facebook Messenger, and others will appear and prioritized. It sits at the top of your notification shade right underneath quick settings.

A new feature called “Bubbles” in Android 11 will help users to keep conversations on chat apps in view and accessible while multitasking.

Consolidated keyboard suggestions feature let auto-fill apps offer context-specific suggestions in an IME’s suggestion strip.

Voice Access, the accessibility feature that allows you to control your phone by speaking, has been upgraded and can now understand “screen content and context, and generates labels and access points for accessibility commands.”



The new Device Controls feature in Android 11 will help you to quickly get to all of your smart devices and control them in one space by simply long pressing the power button.

Android 11 also features Media Controls — which have to be enabled from Developer Options — to switch the output device of audio or video content to headphones, speakers, or even a TV.



One-time permission feature in Android 11 lets users give an app access to the device microphone, camera, or location, just that one time. And the app has to request permissions again the next time when used.

Permissions auto-reset feature will “auto-reset” all of the runtime permissions associated with the app if users haven’t used an app for an extended period.

To prevent misuse, in Android 11 developers will need to get approval from Google to access background location in their app. However, existing apps will be given until 2021 to follow the changes.

Eligible devices for Android 11 Beta:

If you have a Pixel 2, 3, 3a, or 4 device, enroll here to get Android 11 Beta updates over-the-air. Google also added downloads for Pixel and the Android Emulator as always.

Apart from Android 11 Beta, Google also released new features in Android Studio 4.1 Beta and 4.2 Canary.

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