Areas You Can Automate in SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation remains an integral part of getting the company’s name out there. It helps a site reach the top rank in search engine results, generate more traffic, and increase conversions. However, many tasks are involved in making an SEO campaign successful; some are tedious and repetitive. Automating these tasks can speed up the process and free up time, so you can quickly determine the status of your campaigns and what actions to take to improve them. Here are areas that you can automate with SEO.

Keyword research and analysis

One of the usual tasks in SEO is keyword research and analysis. You need to search for the right keywords that you can use in your content and analyse which are the most appropriate and are more likely to work for you. Instead of thinking of keywords and listing them one by one, you can automate the process using a keyword tool. You may be asked to enter the main keywords associated with your business, like the products or services you offer and your location. Then, it will suggest keywords to use with your content, marketing, or advertisement, and other information that helps with your analysis, like the volume of searches they generate and companies that use them. 

Site audit

It’s essential to monitor your site to ensure its optimal condition. Some areas to check are broken links, load time, and downtime. These affect its SEO ranking, as it also affects the user experience. Some tools will automatically review these areas and notify you of any issues. Some applications would even guide you in fixing these concerns. However, there may be some problems that may require the help of a professional. So, consider hiring an SEO agency like Ocere to check your site’s health and fix the issues. They also offer a complete SEO page so that they can help with other SEO needs. 

Meta description generation

Meta descriptions are short descriptions of the content under your page titles on search engine results. They are crucial because they could influence the users’ decision whether they will click on your link and be directed to your page or not. You can now use tools to generate descriptions automatically, so it’s one task from your list. 

Position tracking

Monitoring how your keywords rank help determine which of them work and which do not, so you can improve your SEO strategies in using them. But manually tracking them can be tedious, so you should utilise a tool that lets you do that conveniently. Besides their ranking, other information you will get is the estimated traffic you received with those keywords, the cost per click, and the URL where you used them. 

SEO reporting

Gathering all SEO-related information for the analysis requires a lot of work. But, thanks to SEO reporting tools, you can have everything you need with only a few clicks. It’s also easier to understand the data to make better decisions. 

Automating some SEO tasks can speed up processes and make them more efficient. But it doesn’t eliminate the need for humans as there are things that you should still do, including decision-making. 

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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