ROG Ally: ASUS Introduced Portable Game Console To Rival Steam Deck

ASUS has confirmed the release of their new portable gaming console, the ROG Ally. While they have not disclosed all the details of the device, one of the popular YouTubers has already received prototypes and shared their impressions of the gadget, including the full specifications.

The ROG Ally will be built around an AMD APU with Zen 4 cores and an RDNA 3 graphics chip. The gaming handheld runs on Windows 11 and features a 7-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which is twice as large as the Steam Deck screen. The new screen from ASUS also boasts a higher resolution and higher brightness. Early tests have shown that the ROG Ally delivers 50% more performance than Steam Deck at 15W CPU power and twice the performance at 35W.

Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips tested the ROG Ally’s performance in different games and confirmed that it is twice as powerful as the Steam Deck for the same power consumption. In addition, the ROG Ally supports connecting an external XG Mobile RTX 4090 graphics card to increase graphics power.

While ASUS has confirmed that the ROG Ally console will be competitive, its price has not been announced. Nevertheless, rumours say that it will cost roughly $680, which is equal to the price of Steam Deck’s flagship edition. ROG Ally might be released within the next two months.

Overall, the ROG Ally gaming handheld from ASUS is shaping to be a strong competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck. With its impressive specifications and reported performance, it’s no surprise that gaming enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its release.

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