Best 5 Board Management Software  

Board portal software is meant to help boards in better governance, but that is only possible if the management invests in high-end virtual boardrooms with advanced features.

The selection of board portal software can be a tricky process because not every board software has identical attributes. Some boardrooms are useful for collaboration tools while others are more effective in document management.

So which boardroom is better than the others? That’s a tough question to answer, but here are the top 5 board management software that can be a great asset for your company.

Top 5 board management software in 2022

Boardvantage Nasdaq

Boardvantage is one of the leading virtual board software making corporate governance easier by streamlining document management and board meetings. User-intuitiveness is one of the strongholds of the Boardvantage and the software was able to win the International Service Excellence Award in the “Division of a Large Business” in 2020. Boardvanatge basically consists of two solutions;

  • Boardvantage MeetX is a comprehensive solution to streamline executive-level business documentation with a contemporary graphical interface.
  • Boardvantage Director is a dedicated board portal that helps boards with multiple features such as electronic signing, task allocation and management, electronic voting, etc.

Key benefits of Boardvantage include:

  • Support of mobile and desktop implementation (android and iOS)
  • Useful document editing and previewing tools
  • Robust, multi-dimensional customer support (online chat, email, phone)
  • Multiple document and calendar management tools.
  • Flexible pricing models and free demo available.

Azeus Convene

With a 4.7-star rating at G2, Capterra, and software advice, Azeus Convene is a virtual boardroom equally effective for boards and organizations of any type and scale. From simplifying meeting preparations to document management to negotiations to managing committees, Azeus can help you with everything you need. Apart from that, Azeus boasts a wide range of meeting tools, making it easier for administrators and directors to collaborate remotely.

Key benefits include:

  • Strong data security features that protect important documents from any type of threats.
  • Users can vote electronically, allowing management to conduct elections and settle similar affairs.
  • Collaboration tools allow directors as well as other employees to work as a team. They can edit documents, leave annotations, and monitor updates in real-time.
  • Multi-channel 24/7 customer support and numerous training options.
  • Support of Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems.
  • Most importantly, this application is 40% cheaper than other renowned board management software.


Diligent introduced a functional and simple business solution (Diligent Boards) to stream multiple corporate governance processes. If you are looking for trouble-free document management, Diligent is the solution you should consider. Diligent board portal software simplifies online board meetings, makes file sharing easier, and flawlessly secures sensitive corporate information.

Key benefits of using Diligent board software include:

  • A highly user-friendly interface makes it easy for board members to operate the portal after minimal training.
  • When it comes to content access control, it is often said that Diligent board portals have great policies.
  • Diligent offers a diverse range of meeting and collaboration tools and 24/7/365 customer support available through phone calls and live chat.
  • Diligent works as both an on-premise solution and cloud-based software.

Govenda (ex. Board Bookit)

More than 15000 board members from different parts of the world trust Govenda (previously known as Board Bookit) for corporate governance activities. Govenda is a customizable business solution, and that is why it suits businesses with unique requirements from all industries.

Another good thing about Govenda is that its development team keeps improving user experience based on customer feedback. Govenda simplifies board meetings and documents management, helping board members to achieve their targets efficiently.

Key benefits include:

A highly intuitive user interface makes it easy for beginners to get used to this tech quickly.

A simple and well-organized dashboard allows you to explore all options easily.

High-end security features ensure extra document protection thanks to granular permissions, data encryption, etc.

You can set up Govenda board portal software in 15 minutes, and the software supports both desktop and mobile devices.


If you need a mega solution for the board meeting and document management, then iDeals board portal software is a must-consider option. iDeals is amongst the industry leaders in providing leading-edge business solutions all over the globe.

One of the best things about using iDeals board portals is their top-notch data security features. You can store board material and other important documents in more than 20 file formats. Moreover, iDeals board portals make online board meetings simpler than you could think.

Board members can arrange audio and video meetings, assign tasks, cast votes, sign documents electronically, and manage everything with a comprehensive dashboard.

Key benefits include:

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Support of multiple operating systems, including iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows
  • Availability in 14 different languages
  • Agreeable pricing plans according to customers’ needs
  • Super-easy user interface

Final words

Board portals are a key component of modern corporate governance but choosing a board software that caters to your corporate needs can be overwhelming. The board portal software mentioned above are highly trusted by businesses, directors, and administrators from all over the world.

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