Beware of WhatsApp ‘Mod’ versions, hackers can read all of your messages

If you are using WhatsApp, then use only the original version of the chatting app instead of going after different modified versions.

WhatsApp owned by Facebook Inc. is the most famous and widely used instant messaging application in the world. But some users among us are not satisfied with the features provided by the original version and uses modified WhatsApp versions.

They are the so-called ‘Mod” or the versions of WhatsApp that we find on the internet and that are modified by skilled hands to allow users to have more powers than the features present on the original version. 

But now a Redditor warns users to avoid WhatsApp Mods as it provides more features at the expense of your security and privacy. Popular WhatsApp portal, WABetaInfo’s tweet, advises users to do the same thing.

According to the post, if you are using a modified version of WhatsApp, then remember, the developers of the app can get in touch with the messages even before you. 

Because developers “can easily MITM (man in the middle) your texts and can modify/change/edit texts that you have sent.” So your messages may no longer be one way between you and the recipient but could be read and modified by the application developer or some attacker. On top of that, using a modded version could also ban your WhatsApp account.

Obviously, not all the developers who create these “Mods” act with shady ends, but the danger exists, and you should know “Mods” never have the security of being truly transparent. Now the Facebook Inc. is working on the unification of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms with more features, so it is better to let go of the modified WhatsApp versions.

The advice is, therefore, to always use the original version of WhatsApp downloaded from the Google Play or from the official WhatsApp website.

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