How Broadlinc ISP Is Bringing New Job Opportunities to Small Towns In Kentucky

For many years, Broadlinc ISP has been providing reliable internet connectivity to homes and businesses in the USA. Since announcing in February 2022 that they were planning to roll out Fixed Wireless Access in Northern Kentucky, barely a year later, they have about 54,000 people connected, enjoying internet speeds of up to 200 mbps. 

This unparalleled success has brought about a big ripple effect, mostly creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs. In the past, the small rural towns have not been benefiting from the positive effects of fast internet connectivity. But Broadlinc ISP has changed that. 

By connecting even the smallest towns such as Bronston, which has a population of 3,173, Sanders with a population of about 300 people, and Glencoe with a population of 373, you can see that no town is too small for Broadlinc to ignore. This is the ISP that makes all Kentuckians equal.

How Broadlinc is bringing jobs to impoverished parts of Kentucky

Kentucky has some of the most impoverished communities in the USA. Studies carried out in 2016 showed that Kentucky and other states lacked enough broadband internet connectivity. As a result, they missed out on all of the job opportunities that come with the internet. 

Broadlinc’s partnership with XtremeLTE in 2022 has helped bring the internet to most unserved and under-served communities in various counties. Many people now have an opportunity to find work. Around 2016, it was almost impossible to find a job in Jackson County in Kentucky. There was a 25% poverty rate. 

Most people who held jobs used to work outside the county. Today, internet connection in rural Kentucky is changing lives. As more small businesses and homes get connected to high speed and reliable internet, more families are pulling themselves above the poverty line. 

Some of the areas where job opportunities opened up include work from home, as more people joined programs such as Teleworks USA. Telework jobs come in different forms, but the bottom line is that with stable internet connection, they can be done from home. 

Job training hubs have increased

Not only have direct internet related jobs increased, you know, such as Broadlinc hiring locally wherever it goes, but programs such as Teleworks have opened training hubs. People train in different internet-based jobs and then look for work. 

Since the early 2000s, the job market has been shifting from the traditional office that you could walk or drive to. The remote office is the new trend and the COVID-19 pandemic stamped this properly. 

Having access to fast internet makes this possible, and Broadlinc has played a huge role connecting even the remotest of Kentucky communities to fast and reliable internet. Today, most American organizations are looking for marketing assistants, digital marketing managers, digital communications specialists, search engine optimization experts, copywriters, and social media experts. 

A search on a job site such as Glass Door will show you this. All of these jobs can be done remotely and the companies will grab you up if you are based in the USA. If you don’t have a proper internet connection, you have to pass such opportunities. 

The Broadlinc impact on small businesses in Kentucky

Everywhere Broadlinc goes, it changes the landscape of small businesses and in Kentucky, the effect is the same. 

Broadband internet connectivity gives businesses a competitive advantage, because they can offer their products and services online, across counties, states and even globally. With increased work, small businesses that were mostly owner-operated have found the need to hire extra help. Because of the broader internet reach, many people now require the help of digital marketers, social media experts and other content creators. 

All of these direct and indirect job opportunities come as a result of internet availability. While the internet does kill a few of the traditional jobs, it creates 3 jobs for each one that it kills. 

Job search has become easier

Having fast internet connection makes job search easier all over Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky is one of the places in the USA with the poorest economic status. However, this has been changing since the coming of broadband internet. 

The traditional jobs of Kentucky were in the coal industry, hospitality, healthcare and a few other areas. But this has changed a great deal today because the internet has opened up the job market a lot. More young people are looking further than the traditional job markets. 

A simple search for jobs in Kentucky on Google brings quite a number of them, with the wage and the details. You can even set email alerts so that every time a job is posted, you will get an email in real-time. Conferencing, Zoom meetings, and video calling are only possible when you have a reliable internet connection. With a Broadlinc connection, you can interview for a job on video. 


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most people were only familiar with the traditional work scene. However, since 2022, the Office of Broadband Development has partnered with the government and local companies to take broadband internet connection closer to the people. 

Today, with companies like Broadlinc connecting more households, job search has become easier. Also, there has been a proliferation of internet-based jobs that don’t require one to travel to and from the office. 

Good internet connectivity also makes people digitally smart, and they are able to lift themselves from an average hourly wage of $15 to up to $49. 

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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