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Google and Canon have teamed up introducing a new backup option for Canon cameras. Now, users will be able to upload both videos and photos directly from the camera to Google’s image service via WLAN.

Thanks to Canon’s participation in the Google Photos partner program. In this way, a backup of the photos can be created without the camera having to be connected to a PC or the memory card having to be read-out. 

The only requirement is that the camera is compatible with the Image.Canon app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

A connection to Google Photos can be established via Image.Canon. Then Google Photos can be selected as the export destination. Canon has compiled a list of compatible cameras on a special website.

In addition to numerous EOS models, cheaper IXUS and Powershot cameras also support the app and thus the new backup option.

All images are synced to Google in their original quality, so there won’t be too severe compression. There is only one small problem — we need a Google One membership to upload our photos automatically. Canon users receive a free trial month with 100 GB of storage, but they have to pay after that.


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