Addicted to Facebook

Why we are Addicted to Facebook ? – Interesting Survey Results

Admit it, you've thought about walking away from Facebook at one time or another. Perhaps you've gone so far as to shut down your...
youtube limitation monetize channels

YouTube’s new video monetization policy is going to flush out low-quality...

YouTube is all set to flush out spammers, impersonators, and other bad creators/channels with its new set of rules for video monetization eligibility.Now onwards...
Marc Andreessen's Comments About India

Mark Zuckerberg Said Marc Andreessen’s Comments About India Were ‘Deeply Upsetting’

A member of Facebook’s board and influential Silicon Valley investor was forced into a groveling apology on Wednesday after acknowledging that remarks appearing to...
Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions

10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install In 2019

Despite being its ram hogging nature, Google Chrome is still the world's most popular browser. In this article, we are listing some of the...

Access Classic Versions Of Windows and Mac OS In Your Browser

Now we got Widows 10 or OS X or a couple of awesome Linux distros to ligthen up PC and laptops. What about the classic...
Quick YouTube Shortcuts

5 Quick YouTube Shortcuts You Must Know About

Are you a regular YouTube viewer and everytime you reaches for the mouse to play, pause, forward, or rewind YouTube videos, locate the cursor,...
free services to share large files over internet

Best free services to share large files over internet

What you do when someone asks you to share large files over internet? When I say large files, I mean files sized 100MB or...
Google shutting down its URL shortening service

Google shutting down its URL shortening service

After 9 years of service, Google is shutting down its popular URL Shortener — Launched back in 2009, became one of the...

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