Artificial Intelligence-Powered ChatGPT Can Create Customized Viruses

OpenAI ChatGPT can create virus programs that target the individual characteristics of different operating systems and specific vulnerabilities, warns Roman Dremlyuga, Deputy Director for Development at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Technology of the Far Eastern Federal University. 

He believes that with the help of neural networks, anyone without programming skills can create viruses, which opens up opportunities for illegal actions.

The chatbot was launched at the end of 2022 and has been widely criticized for being used by students worldwide to cheat on exams and write academic papers. However, this new development has raised more serious concerns. Criminals have always been quick to adapt to technological innovations, and now, with the help of ChatGPT, they can create customized viruses that exploit the vulnerabilities of specific operating systems.

Dremlyuga warns that hackers can focus on the characteristics of a particular person and create an individual method of withdrawing money, which will be done automatically with the help of AI. To protect against this, he believes increasing awareness and general digital literacy is necessary.

The development of AI-based technology has made it easier for cybercriminals to carry out their malicious activities. It is up to individuals to protect themselves and their digital assets.

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