Chrome Extensions for Data Privacy in 2022

Chrome extension is an additional module connected to the browser to add specific functions — something like a plugin. Extensions can change the browser interface or add features to the Internet. For example, using extensions, you can block ads, translate pages from foreign languages, or add page addresses to special services for working with bookmarks like Evernote or Pocket. There are many extensions: for more convenient and efficient work, for customizing the appearance of the browser, for online shopping, games. To use them, you need to download and enable access to use in the settings.

Are Chrome Extensions Secure?

Chrome is the most widely used web browser, and its extensions are both secure and non-secure. Thanks to these additions, you can have new functions, improve existing ones, search for rendered content, change page behavior using scripts. However, such apps are top-rated among cybercriminals. The problem is that Google’s security controls often fail to detect malicious extensions. Therefore, before adding an extension, you should check how secure it is.

How Do I Know If My Extension Is Safe?

Many Chrome plugins ask for a bunch of permissions, so there is a good chance that after installation, your personal data will end up in the hands of strangers. Therefore, before installing, you should check how safe this or that extension is. All you need to do is enter the plugin’s name or ID in the Chrome Web Store. You will see a graph with four risk categories – Content Security Policy, External Calls, Webstore Details, and Permissions. The higher the bar, the less safe the expansion. Scrolling down the page, you will find a more detailed description of extensions and how secure they are.

Top Privacy Chrome Extensions in 2022

We have compiled a list of the best chrome security extensions, which will ensure you complete confidentiality. Choose extensions based on your wishes – they are all safe and popular among Internet users.

Troywell VPN

Troywell VPN is a safe and completely free VPN for Chrome. The main advantages of Troywell VPN extension are high connection speed (higher than that of the competitors) and no limits. Some programs force you to choose between buying a paid subscription or using a limited number of functions. Troywell VPN provides stable connection and protects your data absolutely for free.

Troywell VPN is very easy to get and use. All you have to do is to click the Install button and activate the extension on the browser toolbar. Then you will be able to change your IP address, encrypt your personal data, safely shop online and much more.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS makes surfing safer. HTTPS Everywhere is a privacy extension that will surely create an encrypted protocol for you for all connections related to the transfer of statistics, documents, etc. It will be almost impossible to intercept your confidential data.


VeePN is one of the best and most popular extensions among users. The main advantage of VeePN VPN chrome extension is tracking protection. The company provides a lot of servers around the world, so users get high-speed Internet. Both paid and free versions are provided. During the trial period, you can get a VPN free and test all its advantages. If you don’t understand how to add a VPN extension in Chrome, then don’t panic. Here’s a simple instruction:

  1. Download. Download the Chrome VPN extension from the website. Then enable the extension in your browser settings.
  2. Register. Choose a tariff plan and register. The company offers the cheapest plans that every Internet user can afford.
  3. Connect. You have access to 2500 servers available in over 50 locations, with the help of which you always remain anonymous on web pages.

The service will also successfully bypass any prohibitions from both government agencies and the owners of sites and web pages themselves. The application will allow you to see the Internet without imposed censorship, regardless of the time of day and place of residence.

VeePN VPN Service

Adblock plus

AdBlock Plus occupies a leading position among security extensions for Chrome because the app protects your private data, helps to hide any annoying element, and even saves you from malware. Adblock Plus cleans download sites from banners and pop-ups. The application can create a whitelist of sites that you want to view. You can also filter out those advertisements that the program should not hide.


The extension prohibits any unauthorized person from collecting data about you. As you know, advertising networks and social media study your habits and interests to sell this information to advertisers at a higher price. But thanks to Disconnect, you are not a commodity, and no one can sell information about you.


SecureGmail encrypts messages in Gmail. The recipient can decrypt them only if they know the password. This is an actual application as its purpose is to minimize the loss of privacy during correspondence.


Want to know who is tracking you while you browse this page? Ghostery will show you this. Ghostery users remain completely anonymous. Ghostery blocks cookie tracking and plugins on most websites, giving you a choice to allow or disable this site. The extension also includes links to each tracker’s privacy policy and gives you the option to opt-out. In simple terms, this extension finds tracking devices and provides information about them.


Web of Trust is a whole set of tools for safe surfing. The extension reliability evaluates sites based on privacy policy and safety for children. Its essence is to help the user to avoid getting to malicious sites. The application warns about sites of risk groups that deceive customers by sending viruses or spam.


LastPass is a simple, easy-to-use password storage program that will work anywhere. The program makes it possible to synchronize passwords on all devices. Aside from passwords, LastPass does a great job of storing credit card numbers and other sensitive financial information.

 Avast Online Security

The plugin displays the safety rating of websites. The program scans websites for malware and prevents phishing. It also prohibits and blocks hidden surveillance of you by advertising and analytical sites.


Collusion is designed to visually control tracking cookies by the user in real-time and decide their further fate – deleting, disabling, editing, etc. The program reads cookies, analyzes, and graphically represents site links, making it easier to understand and study sites between themselves and the web user.

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