Clinicminds Patient Management Software Powerful Features

Are you a medical cosmetic practitioner looking for the perfect web-based Electronic Medical Management Record system for aesthetic (private) clinics? The Clinicminds EMR software is what you need. This software will help you take care of your clinical activities. The Clinicminds patient management software has powerful and practical features that will help practitioners to streamline practice workflow in their clinic to save time and resources. With this powerful patient management software, practitioners will do less paperwork and it’s all effortless and straightforward. The Clinicminds software is a cloud-based system that is compatible across all mobile platforms. Other features of this software include:

  • Paperless Record System
  • Simple access to patients’ records
  • Fast and effective scheduling
  • One-click video meetings
  • Integrated online booking system
Clinicminds patient management software

Effective Scheduling & Video Appointment Features

One of the features of Clinicminds patient management software is fast and effective scheduling. This allows aesthetic clinics to be able to schedule appointments with their patients with ease. The software is embedded with a free, online scheduling tool that is based on resources and availability. If you want to unburden your daily service, Clinicminds Electronic Medical Record software is a must-have for you. With this, you can create more appointments, thereby improving the customer experience. Additionally, the software comes with an automated email and messaging system that helps you automate messages – no more wasting time sending messages and texts.

Another feature that practitioners will find incredibly helpful is the video appointment feature that is integrated seamlessly into the software. You can schedule video meetings from your calendar, or customers can book them online. Once the video meeting has been scheduled, the Clinicminds patient management software will automatically send a link to join the meeting along with the confirmation SMS or email. 

Besides that, the software will also send a reminder a few minutes before the appointment to ensure that patients won’t forget. With this feature, instead of visiting the clinic, patients can have video meetings with their practitioners right from the comfort of their homes.

Easy Access to Patients’ Records & Payment Features

Clinicminds patient management software gives you easy access to patients’ records. Medical practitioners are able to register each consultation, treatment, and reviews in a well-detailed and structural record. This allows you to have a clear overview of past and present treatment info – anytime and anywhere. Also, the management software provides a tab-based registration feature that lets practitioners register items like a consultation, physical examination, medical history, treatments, invoices, photos, and consent forms. On top of all this, you can also customize the treatment record fields based on the clinic’s needs. With this incredible feature, you’ll be free from unnecessary paperwork.

Clinicminds patient management software also offers a stress-free payment registration system. They can do this through the efficient invoicing feature, which will help them to invoice all product sales and treatments efficiently within the workflow. This will help practitioners to avoid mistakes, save time, and keep the clinic paper-free. Clinics can use this feature to set discounts, choose payment methods, and send invoices via email. Aside from that, the software makes it straightforward for practitioners to keep track of their revenues (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). The patient management software also allows practitioners to export revenue reports if needed.

Mobile compatibility and usage

Clinicminds patient management software is fully optimized and responsive across iPad, laptop, or desktop devices. Whether you are using iOS or Windows, you need not worry. Additionally, no software installation is required as practitioners can access it directly from their devices, giving you free mobility. Practitioners can easily schedule appointments on the go via their iPhone or iPad and review their patients’ records from anywhere around the world. 

As mentioned, Clinicminds is a cloud-based solution, which makes use of the latest 2048-bit SSL encryption to safely store and transmit patients’ information. With this, patients’ data is safeguarded from unauthorized users.

Anu Thomas John
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