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ProScreenCast SC01 wireless display adapter

ProScreenCast SC01 Review: Best Miracast Wireless Display Adapter To Cast In 4K At 60fps

Most of us prefer to cast or mirror our smartphone or laptop screen to a larger display, such as a TV or projector, to rest our eyes from staring at the small screen, or...
remote conferencing software for online classes

Customers’ Reviews About Video-Conferencing Service iMind.com

If you hear about the iMind platform for the first time, you may be pleased to see that you’ve found one of the best remote communication tools, according to iMind reviews. iMind is a solid...
Graphics design news and stories

Kimp Review: Subscription Graphic And Video Design

Whether a business is launching, scaling, or rebranding, it needs reliable design services. There's no two ways about it. Design plays an important role in building, maintaining, and growing a brand. But finding the right...
Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Top 3 Cloud Storage Apps for Android: Review of the Most Top-Ranking Ones

Today people use smartphones not only for calls, texting, and entertainment purposes. Nowadays, users can work with the help of Android and iOS-based gadgets. But for the storage of multiple files such as documents,...
FileAgo Review

FileAgo Review: A New File Sharing And Collaboration Platform For Businesses

News flash — the cloud-based file sharing and collaboration segment has just got a new player. Last week, FileAgo quietly launched its SaaS service. I had known about FileAgo for some time (back then, they only sold...
USB4 is ready now

Etcher vs. Rufus: Detailed Comparison Guide

A few years back, it was impossible to convert a USB drive into a bootable drive. But today, the story is different. Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have Rufus and Etcher at...
FlexiHub USB over Ethernet

FlexiHub: Share USB Devices Over Ethernet And Access Them Anywhere In Realtime

We use so many devices these days that are connected via USB — smartphones, printers, scanners, webcams, etc. Of course, a USB cable is usually required to use these devices. This is ideal when...
Commander One

Commander One: Advanced Dual-Panel File Manager Combines With FTP Client For Mac

Are you on a hunt for the best Finder alternative for your Mac? Tired of creating and switching between tabs, you want to control a lot of actions using shortcut keys and have a convenient...