How to Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drive with Do Your Data Recovery?

Is there a method to recover lost data from a hard drive that has been formatted? Formatting a hard disk (HDD) drive or SSD implies deleting any data on the circle and setting up the document framework with the goal that your working framework can peruse information from, and compose information to, the drive. You have to do this with the goal for you to utilize it in Windows. 

It isn’t hard to format the HDD in any variant of Windows, you can do it. This component is a fundamental capacity that all working frameworks have, and Windows makes it simple. 

Best Way To Recover Lost Data From Formatted Hard Drive: Formatting Will Erase Data, But Not Always 

At the point when you format your hard circle drive in Windows, you may think the information is totally deleted, however perhaps not generally eradicated. The information may, in any case, exist, contingent upon your variant of Windows and the organization type. It may be the case that information is escaped Windows and other working frameworks. However, can at present be gotten to in specific circumstances. 

Formatting drive C, or any letter distinguished as the drive on which Windows is introduced, is impossible from Disk Management or from anyplace in Windows. 

Cautioning: Watch out, giving close consideration that you have chosen the right drive to format. Halting the organizing cycle in progress would cause issues.

Recover Lost Data From Formatted Hard Drive Using Do Your Data Recovery

Do Your Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery program. It supports to recover deleted, formatted and lost data from any type of hard drive or external device. It can help you quickly recover all types of lost files from a formatted HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, etc.

1. Download and install Do Your Data Recovery.

2. Select the location to be scanned. Here, just select the formatted hard drive.

Do Your Data Recovery

3. Select the drive, then click Scan and select what file types you want to scan. You can choose Images, Videos, or other file types. You can select more than one file type.

Do Your Data Recovery

4. Do Your Data Recovery will perform a scanning process to determine whether there is still data that can be recovered. At this stage, you have to wait but not long, only about 5 minutes.

Do Your Data Recovery

5. After the scanning process is complete, you will see several files that have been successfully detected and the files will appear on the screen. Please select from the list of files that you will recover.

Do Your Data Recovery

6. Done, now you have successfully recovered the data from the formatted drive.

That is the best way to recover lost files from the formatted hard drive. This method is fairly easy because Do Your Data Recovery software does all the processes automatically, and you don’t need to do anything. Just sit back and relax and wait for this process to run its process. Do Your Data Recovery is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS; it also can help you recover lost data after upgrading to macOS Big Sur.

Another advantage of Do Your Data Recovery is that this software can perform recovery from various formatted drives as well as from the computer’s internal drive that was accidentally deleted. Good luck, and hope you can restore lost files with ease.

Final Words:

Formatting hard drive does not mean to permanently erase data from the hard drive. The formatted data in the hard drive is still can be recovered by data recovery software before new data completely overwrites the full disk space. Just immediately find a data recovery program and help you quickly get the lost data back.

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