Corning Gorilla Glass Victus — The most hardened smartphone glass ever

Corning has announced Gorilla Glass Victus — promises greater resistance to scratches and impacts than previous versions and “significant improvements” as never seen before.

Corning shared a video showing the new glass withstand a series of laboratory tests, including drops of up to two meters. And in the test called Knoop Diamond Scratch Test, researchers show to scratch a screen with Victus it is now necessary to apply between 7 and 10 newtons of force — that is up to 4x better than competitive glasses.

Corning releases more or less regular new versions of its Gorilla Glass and from year to year, it has managed to improve its impact resistance visibly. However, the various Gorilla Glasses have always been quite delicate in terms of scratch resistance, a parameter in which Victus should, for the first time, offer a considerable leap forward. But it will obviously not be invulnerable.

Unlike the previous models, with Victus, manufacturers will be able to choose whether to focus on maximum resistance or reduce the thickness of the glass, obtaining a solidity similar to that of Gorilla Glass 6 but containing the thickness.

Gorilla Glass Victus can also be used both to protect the display and the back cover and works very well with 5G antennas, without creating interference or reducing the gain.

The first products with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus are expected to arrive from Samsung in the coming months, and to follow the new glass will be used on other devices of different manufacturers not yet mentioned.

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