Create A Pixel Explosion Effect to Your Images Using Photoshop

Pixel Explosion Effect is a type of photo manipulation work.In this tutorial we are going to create a pixel explosion effect using photoshop.We are using our own custom brush to make explosion effect.And Clone Tool and Eraser Tool to create pixels.Since this is the most easiest way to create a pixel explosion effect is photoshop so any one with photoshop basic knowledge can do this work.So lets start:
Tutorial Details

Difficulty : Intermediate
Estimated Time : 20 minutes
Software : Photoshop Cs3+


►Step 1

Open the image in photoshop.I prefer it will be better if you cutout the image and give it a white background.Like i did to below:

cut out the image from background

Rename the the layer to “Model” by double clicking it

rename image for pixel explosion effect in photoshop

►Step 2

Create a new layer [Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N] and HideModel” layer.

Create A Pixel Explosion Effect to Your Images Using Photoshop

►Step 3

Now focus on newly create layer.We are going to create our own custom brush.
So first select “Rectangular Marquee Tool” and then hold Shift” while creating a square selection.
Then press “D” to set colors to default value and the press “Alt + Backspace” to fill square selection with black.

create a square selection using rectangular marquee tool in photoshop

►Step 4

Then go to”Edit → Define Brush Preset” and name your new brush.

create a brush in photoshop

►Step 5

Now delete that layer and UnhideModel” layer.Now you have only have layer with image.

Create A Pixel Explosion Effect to Your Images Using Photoshop

►Step 6

Select “Brush Tool” and then “Brush Palette [F5]“.And find your newly created brush.

Brush Palette in photoshop

►Step 7

Now set values like below :

Brush Palette setting in photoshop
Brush Palette setting in photoshop

And save your new preset by clicking a small arrow on top right corner of Brush Palette and name your new brush preset and we are going to use this brush to create explosion effect.

save new brush preset in photoshop

►Step 8

Now back to our image.
Create a new layer [Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N] above “Model” and name it as “Explod“.

create a new layer in photoshop

►Step 9

Focus on “Explod” layer and select “Clone Stamp Tool [S]“.
From the Brush Presets palette choose the pixel explosion brush we created in the previous steps.
Change its size as you like and set “Opacity-100%” and “Sample” option to “Current & Below“.
And then “Alt-Click” on the image part to take sample to clone and start cloning on white background by simply holding the mouse button and draw as you would with a regular brush.

Use clone stamp tool in photoshop

►Step 10

Lower or increase the size of the brush to add more randomness in brush size and clone right part of the image and you will get something similar to below one.

Use clone stamp tool in photoshop

►Step 11

Now focus on “Model” layer.
Select “Eraser Tool [E]” and select the eraser brush preset as the brush preset we created.
And then start to erase right edges of the image with different size of erasers.
Now create a new layer below “Model” and fill it with white color ,same as image background color.

use eraser tool in photoshop

►Step 12

With the help of “Lasso Tool” select the right edges of image.If the edges are not connected hold “Shift” while selecting.

use lasso tool in photoshop

►Step 13

Now we are going to give some blur effect to selected region.
So go to “Filter → Blur → Motion Blur“.And set the value like below.

motion blur effect using photoshop

►Step 14

Now we are going to give a final touch up to our image.
First remove the selection by pressing “Ctrl + D“.
And then “Merge” layers “Model” and the white background layer[To merge two layers “Ctrl + Click” each layer and then right click → Merge Layers] After merging go to “Filter → Lens Correction” or press “Shift + Ctrl + R“.
And set “Vignette” values like below and you wil get black shades in your white background.

Vignette lens correction effect using photoshop

And we are done……..

Final Image

pixel explosion effect in photoshop

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