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Serigraphy is a printing process that forces ink through a fine mesh screen or stencil. In this tutorial we going to show you how to apply a serigraph effect to you image using photoshop.This is a very simple tutorial.With the help of “Stamp” filter and “Hue/Saturation” we can get this effect.So lets start.
Tutorial Details

Difficulty : Beginner
Estimated Time : 10 Minutes
Software : Photoshop Cs3 +

►Step 1

Open your image in photoshop.Remove its background with the help of Lasso Tool or Eraser Tool or by Layer Mask.
Now we will have a image with transparent background and name the layer as “Model

Remove its background with the help of Lasso Tool or Eraser Tool or by Layer Mask.

►Step 2

Now “Desaturate” your image by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + U” or go to “Image → Adjustments → Desaturate“.

Desaturate your image by pressing Ctrl + Shift + U

►Step 3

• Press “D” set Foreground and Background Colors to Default.
• Then go to go to “Filter → Sketch → Stamp” to apply “Stamp” filter and set values like below.

Apply stamp filter in photoshop

►Step 4

Create a new layer below “Model” and fill it with any color.Name the layer as “Background

create new layer and fill it with any color in photoshop

►Step 5

• Next Focus “Model” layer.And we are going to apply “Hue/Saturation” effect to it.
• So press “Ctrl + U” .
• First tick “Colorize” option and set “Lightness” to “-40“.You can set “Hue” and “Saturation” with your desired values.

apply hue and saturation in photoshop

With the above step we successfully applied Serigraph effect to our image.
If you like to add different colors to your image.Just “Merge” the two layers and then apply “Hue/Saturation” again and again.then you will get different colorful images.

  Final Image

Create A Serigraph Effect To Images In Photoshop


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