Create And Schedule Custom Notifications On Android With Text Or Images

Notifications have always been one of the strengths of Android, although sometimes the best we can do is disable them. However, when we can create and schedule our own custom notification on Android, the impertinence evaporates, and the usability goes up.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to a simple Android productivity tool called Notification Maker that welcomes you to the world of Android custom notifications.

With Notification Maker, you can easily create custom notification alerts on Android — which will act as reminders — where we can include both text and images on those notifications.

Obviously, we can use Google reminders, which are activated from the Google Assistant, but not everyone uses that function, nor can we put images in those notifications.

How to create custom notifications on Android?

The creation of reminders using the power of Android notifications is very simple and customizable, allowing you to put a main text and a subtitle just below. In addition, it allows you to use photos to appear in notifications.

Custom Notifications On Android with Text and images

While creating the custom notifications on Notification Maker, you can either choose it to show immediately on the notification window or schedule it to show on a certain date and time. Also, you can set how often you want to repeat this same notification.


Apart from that, Notification Maker also makes it possible to use the share button in other apps to easily create reminders. This is especially useful when we use the share option from another application, being able to create a reminder of a shared item or of an image.

Create Custom Notifications On Android

So how it’s like to schedule your reminders by creating custom notifications on Android.

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