Best Data Recovery Tools For Any Device

Cybercrime has dramatically escalated in the wake of the digital revolution and the increased demand for digital business solutions. Also, data losses due to unintentional deletion or crushed hardware are placing businesses on critical stands. This is why businesses need data recovery tools that can work on any device to help secure a company’s database.

If you are yet to come up with data backup plans for your organization, you’re more likely to find it hard to recover data in case of accidental loss. Or still, if an employee deletes files accidentally, recovering the documents will be so hectic. This is why you need a data recovery tool for all your company devices, only the best. 

Several tools have been designed and built to recover deleted files. You can now access one of the best data recovery software in the market to take your data recovery solutions to the next level. 

In this article, we look at the best five data recovery tools for any device.

Remo Recover Windows

Remo Recover for Windows makes it simple to recover deleted or lost data from hard drives, SSDs, USB storage devices, SD cards, and other storage devices in the event of serious data loss. Choose the place from which you want to recover your data. With Remo Recover, you may retrieve data from any location, including the Recycle Bin or any folder of your choice. You won’t need to go everywhere since Preferred location recovery support will make it simple to restore the data you need.

Disk Drill 

This is the best data recovery software built by CleverFiles to relieve you of all the possible data losses in your business. It is one of the highly developed software solutions for recovering lost data. The tool is highly versatile, fast, and easy to use. If you prefer a simple and easy interface, but with complex commands for all your data recovery solutions, Disk Drill is your best bet. 

To use this software, you need to scan the drive with lost data, and the recovery options will pop up immediately. With the pop-up results, you can preview the files before recovery to ensure you are recovering the correct files. 

You do not need to worry if the lost data is in your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera. With the other vital features, Disk Drill Data Recovery stands out as one of the best software for data recovery.


Recuva is one of the best recovery apps. It is free and very flexible. It offers complete data recovery for businesses, whether photos, emails, music files, or any other type of data loss. 

It has a deep scan feature to help your business dig much deeper into the devices to recover even more. 

Although it has a user-friendly user interface, the software is however not very friendly to beginners. Also, it has several YouTube-like ads that may not make your experience enjoyable. 

Lastly, the tool allows you to preview your files together with other details such as headers before you can finally choose to recover them. 

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

The tool is free and comes with additional extra disk tools to support data recovery. It supports Windows files.

Key features include a mail recovery wizard, emergency disk image, and file wiper.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery 

This data recovery software for any device can restore your data in three easy steps – scan, select location, and recover the data. This helps you to regain access to the data you deleted by accident in a short time. 

Key features include up to 1 GB of data recovery and faster scans. 

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is yet the other data recovery for PC that offers customer-friendly solutions in the market today. It provides various scan options for different business needs. 

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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