Be Careful, If You Disable YouTube Watch History, Your Home Page Will Be Almost Blank

If you’ve turned off your YouTube watch history or if you’re a new account holder, your YouTube homepage will look starkly different. Instead of a plethora of recommended videos, you’ll be greeted by a blank page. That’s right, a blank page! The only things visible will be the search bar and buttons for “Shorts,” “Subscriptions,” and “Library.”

According to the support website, Google has described this change as part of a “new user experience.” It aims to clarify which YouTube functions depend on watch history for recommendations. This move is designed to make the process more convenient for those who prefer to search for content rather than browse recommendations.

For those who prefer to search for content rather than browse recommendations, this update might be a welcome change. It allows users to focus on subscriptions and specific topics of interest. However, it also takes away the chance to discover new videos through personalized suggestions.

The new homepage design is gradually rolling out over the next few months, and some users have already noticed the change. A notification now appears on the page, stating, “Your watch history is turned off. You can change your settings at any time to get the latest videos tailored for you.”

Interestingly, this change won’t affect logged-out users without accounts and viewing history. Recommendations will still appear for them, adding another layer of complexity to the update.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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