Elon Musk Announced The Deal To Acquire Twitter Is Temporarily “Put On Hold”

Elon Musk has temporarily suspended the purchase of Twitter

As Elon Musk explains on Twitter, the deal to take over Twitter is temporarily “on hold” because detailed calculations are still pending to determine whether only a maximum of 5 percent of users are based on fake and spam accounts. 

Twitter, specifically, assured that fake accounts represented less than 5 percent of active and monetizable users on the platform during the first quarter of the year.

Twitter stated that it was able to display advertising to 229 million users in the first quarter. After calculation, if the figures change, this could have an impact on the takeover price. Musk says he remains interested in acquiring Twitter.

It is a percentage probably, different from what the Musk expected, who has been making it clear for weeks that one of his objectives after the purchase of Twitter is to end spam accounts, in addition to being able to offer users a platform where they can share their opinion freely.

After this announcement, the share price of Twitter fell by almost 17.5 percent in the meantime.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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