Monetizing video in 2021: Explore new opportunities with your Vimeo channel

Many content creators fail to see the value of their Vimeo channels outside of the native platform. However, in reality, there are many lucrative opportunities for monetizing video.

Is video advertising the future of online advertising?

Trends indicate the future of digital advertising lies in OTT, CTV, and independent publishers. Outside of the big tech giants, ad spend in this area is relatively high. As more people choose streaming services over cable, brands are finding more value in this growing audience.

In today’s digital environment, a business cannot just place its ads anywhere online. Video advertising on CTV, OTT, and streaming services doesn’t only attract groups with significant spending power. They deliver ads directly to viewers with a high propensity to buy. This creates the best opportunity for content creators to make more money from their content.

Can you monetize on Vimeo?

The video platform Vimeo has less stringent measures when it comes to revenue policies. That alone is already a considerable advantage to creators. Now the question most content creators ask is how to monetize effectively?

Why you need a CTV app

The Vimeo platform mostly leans towards channel subscription to create a revenue stream. However, there is more to be gained by developing a custom CTV app for your channel. It will encourage more people to access your content across all major CTV/OTT platforms. Currently, CTV and OTT have the most ad revenue potential in the market, right after Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

With a CTV app, you can bring your channel to popular places like Amazon Fire, Apple, Android TV, and Roku, which is by far one of the biggest CTV platforms. You also get more powerful encoding and streaming capabilities while enabling efficient ad monetization.

If you already have a sizable following on your channel, the next step is to get advertisers to consider using your media to showcase their brands. The smartest way to do it is through a video monetization platform.

How a video monetization platform boosts Vimeo ad revenue

Developing a consistent and reliable revenue source from your Vimeo channel through a monetization platform is easy. It enables you to tap into a pool of high-value advertisers.

Video analytics capabilities

A monetization platform allows creators to access intelligent video analytics thanks to the machine-learning algorithms in place. This technology powers real-time ad performance optimization so channel owners can increase the value of their media.

Improved channel visibility

Top monetization services provide marketing support to creators on their CTV platforms and beyond. Channels are promoted to reach the right demographics and increase viewership.

With the growing sea of online content, it pays for publishers to increase their online presence. It’s a great way to increase channel size. The bigger the audience, the more advertisers are willing to pay for premium slots. 

Reduced red tape

By leveraging a monetization platform, channel owners have the freedom to charge for online ads as they see fit. The ad formats they can employ are unlimited, especially through a CTV app. Monetization platforms simplify online advertising, enabling advertisers to buy media directly from publishers. This allows creators to keep as much of the advertising fees as possible. 

Make your move now

The future of online ads is now in video. Content creators currently have the upper hand as the most preferred destination for ad placement. If you own a Vimeo channel, it’s the best time to join the trend and increase ad revenue. A monetization platform not only improves your value but also gives you more control.

Vidhu Prathapan
Vidhu Prathapan
Meet Vidhu Prathapan, our expert gaming editor and software reviewer. With a Computer Science degree, Vidhu combines technical expertise with a passion for gaming trends. His authoritative software reviews and trend analysis have earned him industry recognition. Off-screen, Vidhu is an avid trail runner and pizza connoisseur.


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