Facebook Being Testing ‘Sad’ , ‘Angry’ And Four Other Types Of Buttons To Express Your Emotions

Sometimes “Like” just doesn’t cut it. So how about Love or Angry? Haha or Sad? Or just Yay or Wow? So Facebook is preparing more buttons to express your emotions. Facebook will begin testing a new feature allowing users to express a range of emotions on posts in Ireland and Spain from Friday but there will be no “dislike” button, the social network said.

But Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, says in a post that the company plans to use the feedback from the test run to make improvements, with the hope of launching the buttons globally “soon.” So wait for buttons to express your emotions

“We are testing Reactions, an extension of the ‘like’ button, to give you more ways to share your reaction to a Facebook post in a quick and easy way,”  —  Facebook said in a statement.

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Many Facebook users have been clamoring for the company to add a “Dislike” button for years, arguing that hitting the “Like” button in many instances—such as in reaction to a tragic news event—can seem a bit shallow, or even inappropriate. At the same time, typing out a thoughtful comment on a phone isn’t always easy.

During the trial, users in Ireland and Spain will be able to select six emotions, as well as the like button, as they consider how they feel about posts.The options for the trial are: “love,” “yay,” “wow,” “haha,” “sad,” and “angry,” and are similar to emojis used in text messaging. Each expression comes with a correspondingly themed emoji.

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Buttons To Express Your Emotions

Chris Toss, Facebook product manager, said Reactions would give users greater ways of engaging with stories and content. “It’s a much broader range of human emotions you can express,” he told Irish national broadcaster RTE, speaking from California. A spokesman had no information on the length of the trial or when it might be extended to Facebook users outside Ireland and Spain. Toss also said the social network decided a “dislike” button would not add value to the site.

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“Liking” something on Facebook also plays a key role in the social network’s algorithm, allowing users to see content they regularly engage with and enabling targeted advertising. The new range of empathy buttons could eventually be used for similar purposes, but not during the trial, according to Toss.

“If you’re coming for humorous content and you’re saying ‘ha ha’ to lots of funny cat videos, down the road we might use that to show you more cat videos, but as of the initial test you won’t see any of that,”   —  Toss said.

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