7 Ways to Find Game Developers for Your Project

A couple of months before the world stepped into 2020, most processes were going online. The virtual world of the Internet has given a door of opportunities to different businesses in attending details about their prospective customers. Different industries are now focusing on advancing technological revolutions to stay committed to their loyal clientele and consumers. The gaming universe, too, witnessed a similar kind of approach.

Today, even if you hire a game developer, you have to conduct an online survey. This means that you need to consider a set of factors before you find a proficient professional. Here are some incredible ways of how finding an experienced and competent game dev sounds easier than before.

Presenting Some Ideas Where You Can Find a Game Development Team

Resourcing game development works to freelancers is not a seamless affair. For this reason, it’s better to recruit someone who understands programming languages and can work in mobile games. Maybe, these pointers can make your work easier and less demanding. Let’s consider reading the narration below.

Finding Professionals via Networking

Think of social media platforms as one way of finding a reputable game developer! The media platforms like Facebook can ensure that you find a respectable game development team seamlessly. Perhaps, you can post a status to search for a referral of your Facebook friends.

Right when they check your status, they might tag their referrals on the comment sections or give them the contact details via Messenger. You can also ask for a Linkedin reference if you want to attend further details about the developer.

Best Use of Virtual Events

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, most events of 2020 have got virtually hosted. From hackathons, conferences, entertainment events to corporate ones, the world has witnessed the online world’s significance. For game projects, several gaming platforms are bringing forth newer ways of communicating with people & presenting their bios.

Every promising 2020 game studio is relying on free networking events hosted on several web platforms. A recognizable platform where you can check out live stream events is Games Jobs Live. The channel hosts events and launches them on YouTube. These are free; hence open to all the attendees.

Through Licensed Forums and Developers’ Community

Take the example of Develteam! If you visit their website, you’d see that the team is exclusive for Indie game devs. Better known as Indie game developer’s network, the website allows you to find gaming devs for designing your perfect game. Also, it lets gamers get an insight into creating standout games.

Not to forget, it also lets fans find a professional game developer for designing mobile games. You can post your game projects, share gaming portfolios, browse gaming resources and tools, and post on forums. Not just Develteam, you can find other forums and developer communities to hire a game designer.

Posting Jobs on Job Boards

You can search for a game dev by posting the jobs on job boards. For example, you can attend further details on https://gamedevjobs.io/ to learn more about the procedure.

Short-Term Task for Freelancers

Freelancers, who currently work as game designers, can be the best picks for short-term tasks. If you want to outsource the development work to your clientele through TopTal or Upwork, you can recruit a freelancer for the job.

Referring to Outsourcing Companies

When you don’t want to hire a game designer formally, you can outsource the project to one of your partners. Hiring an outsourcing company, thus, makes sense.

What about Hiring Platforms?

Selecting a hiring platform is a safer decision. This way, it can drive the benefits of outsourcing. YouTeam is one example where you can find game companies from vetted partners. This way, you are safe from potential fraudulence. 

An Endnote

Thus, the decision of finding game devs via trendier technological revolutions can proceed seamlessly.

Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson
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