This is the Metacritic’s List of Worst Games of 2023

Metacritic, a trusted source for game reviews and ratings, has compiled a list that no game developer aspires to be on — the ten worst games of 2023.

2023 has been a year of contrasts in the gaming world, with some titles reaching new heights of success and others falling short. This list from Metacritic serves as a reminder of the challenges faced in game development, from technical issues to unmet player expectations. As the industry moves forward, these examples highlight the importance of quality and innovation in creating successful and engaging video games.

10. Gargoyles Remastered

  • Metacritic Score: 49
  • Key Issues: This remaster of the beloved ’90s animated series was expected to rekindle nostalgia. However, it received criticism for minimal updates and improvements, failing to justify its existence as a remaster and not meeting the expectations of fans.

9. Loop8: Summer of Gods

  • Metacritic Score: 49
  • Key Issues: As a JRPG, Loop8: Summer of Gods faced the challenge of standing out in a niche genre. It was primarily criticized for its flawed combat system and a story that failed to captivate the audience, leading to a lackluster overall experience.

8. Gangs of Sherwood

  • Metacritic Score: 48
  • Key Issues: This game’s unique blend of Sherwood Forest lore with steampunk elements initially seemed promising. However, its overly simplistic difficulty level and lack of depth in gameplay mechanics led to a disappointing reception among players.

7. Hellboy: Web of Wyrd

  • Metacritic Score: 47
  • Key Issues: Based on the popular comic book character, this game was expected to offer an exciting experience. However, it was criticized for repetitive gameplay and a lack of challenging content, failing to capture the essence of its source material.

6. Crime Boss: Rockay City

  • Metacritic Score: 43
  • Key Issues: Despite featuring a cast of well-known actors, Crime Boss: Rockay City was deemed dull. The game’s narrative and gameplay failed to engage players, leading to its underwhelming performance despite its star power.

5. Testament: The Order of High-Human

  • Metacritic Score: 41
  • Key Issues: This game was criticized for its convoluted gameplay ideas, which resulted in a disjointed and unsatisfying experience. IGN’s recommendation to avoid the game underscored its failure to cohesively integrate its various gameplay elements.

4. Quantum Error

  • Metacritic Score: 40
  • Key Issues: Quantum Error was initially promising in its previews but ultimately failed to deliver. The game’s ambition was not supported by an adequate budget, leading to a final product that couldn’t fulfill its initial promises. This gap between expectation and reality was a primary factor in its poor reception.

3. Greyhill Incident

  • Metacritic Score: 38
  • Key Issues: This game attempted to join the popular alien-themed horror genre but fell short due to its lackluster narrative and subpar acting. The game’s focus on story-driven gameplay did not translate well in execution, leading to a disappointing overall experience.

2. Flashback 2

  • Metacritic Score: 35
  • Key Issues: As a sequel to the classic 1992 game, expectations were high. However, Flashback 2 was plagued with technical issues that detracted significantly from the player experience. These technical glitches not only disrupted gameplay but also failed to connect with the nostalgic charm and innovation of its predecessor.

1. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

  • Metacritic Score: 34
  • Key Issues: This game was anticipated to provide an immersive experience in the rich world of Middle-earth. However, it was marred by a multitude of bugs that severely impacted gameplay, rendering it nearly unplayable. The game’s release in this unfinished state was a significant letdown for fans and critics alike, failing to live up to the high standards set by the beloved franchise.

As the gaming community looks towards 2024, the lessons learned from this year’s disappointments will undoubtedly influence future developments. The industry continues to evolve, with player satisfaction and technological advancements at the forefront of game development. The hope is that the coming year will see fewer entries in Metacritic’s list of underperformers, as developers strive to create more immersive and bug-free gaming experiences.

Vidhu Prathapan
Vidhu Prathapan
Meet Vidhu Prathapan, our expert gaming editor and software reviewer. With a Computer Science degree, Vidhu combines technical expertise with a passion for gaming trends. His authoritative software reviews and trend analysis have earned him industry recognition. Off-screen, Vidhu is an avid trail runner and pizza connoisseur.


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