Android AutoArchive

Google has introduced a new feature called AutoArchive that allows Android users to compress rarely used apps’ files and free up to 60% of the space occupied by applications. The feature saves all user data associated with the app, making it easy to reuse archived applications by reversing the unarchiving process.

To use AutoArchive, the user must make the appropriate selection when prompted to activate it after trying to install an application with no available space in the device’s memory. The feature compresses some installed Android apps that have not been used for a long time, making more memory available for new apps.

Google hopes the new feature will be widely used among owners of budget gadgets with limited storage space. However, not all applications can be archived, only those implemented in the App Bundle format. The new feature is available to all Google Play users, regardless of the version of Android installed.

The AutoArchive feature is expected to reduce the number of app removals from devices and make it easier for users to manage their smartphones’ storage space. The new feature will be a welcome relief for many Android users who often struggle with limited device storage space.

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