Google Launches Developer Preview Of Android Things — New Android-based OS For IoT Devices

Now Google is focusing on the development of IoT (Internet of Things) devices with its new Android-based OS — Android Things. Yesterday Google announced the the developer preview of this comprehensive IoT platform.

With Android Things any Android developer can quickly build a smart device using Android APIs and Google services, while staying highly secure with updates direct from Google. Android Things joins the Android family alongside Android TV, Android Auto, and Android Wear.

As a stripped-down version of Android for IoT devices, Android Things is built upon the roots of another Android-based OS Project Brillo along with some familiar tools such as Android Studio, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Google Play Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Google’s developer preview is offering “turnkey” support for the Intel Edison, NXP Pico, and the Raspberry Pi 3. One interesting twist here is that Google will also soon enable all the necessary infrastructure to push Google’s operating system updates and security fixes to these devices.

Google also updating the Weave,  their communications platform for IoT devices launched parallel with Brillo, to make it easier for all types of devices to connect to the cloud and interact with services like the Google Assistant.

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