Google is developing a new Open Source OS that’s not based on Linux

Google already created two operating systems – Android and  Chrome OS – but both are based upon the Linux kernel.

Reportedly some rumors states that Google is secretly developing a new Open Source OS – which is not just an upgrade to Android or Chrome OS and also hat’s not derived from the Linux kernel.

The new Google operating system is codenamed  Fuchsia,which Google planning to implement in future smartphones and computers.

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While Google hasn’t officially announced anything about the OS, it released details about the project on GitHub with the cryptic description “Pink + Purple == Fuschia (a new Operating System).” However, at the moment, the repository doesn’t include any source code.

So according to some reports, the upcoming Google Open Source OS – Fushia  uses  Magenta kernel, which is designed to compete with IoT-oriented operating systems like FreeRTOS or ThreadX.  Dart is the main programming language and Flutter support indicates that the OS will likely use Material Design for its user interface.

Till now Fushia OS is in dark and may be we can hope one day this Google’s new Open Source OS will be a better competitor for Microsoft Windows.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta, with a Master’s in Tech and Digital Media, she's an expert in the latest tech trends and social media. Recognized in tech forums Nethra is known for her reliable insights. When offline, she loves digital art and gaming.


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