New Google Lens feature lets students solve math equations

The pandemic has not only forced us to change the way we work but also seriously affected the education system. During COVID-19, instead of going to school, students continuing their academic via online classes through different services.

Now to assist in their online studies, Google launched a new feature in Google Lens, where students can solve any mathematical equations by simply placing the mobile camera over the problem.

Google Lens is a unique technology from Google that allows us to use our mobile camera to analyze the world around us. Usually, Lens can be used to translate posters and pamphlets into other languages ​​or to find information about objects that we find, such as products in a store.

Now Google has revealed that Lens will also be able to recognize mathematical equations, giving us different options in each case. The idea is that if the student encounters a problem that he cannot solve, he only has to take a photo of it to receive help. Lens will automatically recognize the equation and show us various options.

Apart from that, with Google Lens, it will be possible to find out how to solve an equation step by step.

E747 Lens HW Help MATH v02
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