Google’s Magic Eraser Tool Now Available to All Google One Subscribers

Google Pixel phones are well-known for their superior photography features, such as the “Magic Eraser” tool, which utilises artificial intelligence to erase unwanted stuff from photographs. Until recently, this utility was only available to owners of Pixel 6 and Pixel 7. Google has now made it available to all Google One subscribers on Android and iOS devices.

Subscribers to Google One will now get access to this popular photo editing tool as part of their subscription. Google is also adding new HDR video effects and distinct collage styles to the Magic Eraser tool. These tools are intended to enhance users’ overall video editing experience.

Pixel users can still use these capabilities without subscribing to Google One. But, for those looking for a more comprehensive set of premium services, Google One is a good choice. Google One began as a method to pay extra for cloud storage. Still, it has now grown to include a VPN, the ability to organise longer group video chats on Google Meet, and another premium Google Photos features such as softening backgrounds and enhancing subjects’ faces.

Members-only advantages include portrait lighting that may be adjusted in position and brightness. This tool helps users to improve and make their portraits look professional.


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